How To Choose the Best Swimsuit Bottom for Your Body

Choosing bikini bottoms can be especially difficult. From coverage to fit to how it falls on your hips, it can be tricky to find the perfect swim bottom for your body. Thankfully, there are plenty of different styles out there to fit your specific needs. Each bikini bottom can work on different body types so you’re sure to find the one that works best for yours.

We’re going through the different styles and how they’ll work on different bodies, so follow along for tips on finding the one that will make you beach-ready and feel extra confident! 

High Waisted Swimsuit Bottom

High-waisted bottoms are an instant retro throwback! These are a great option for anyone that is looking to add a sexy touch to their swim look since they will emphasize your natural curves. It gives great support for you to feel comfortable during your beach trip! 

This style will also give you the added illusion of a rounder booty. The high-waisted band lifts a small or flat bum, giving it an extra lift and giving the impression of a perkier bum. Play with panel designs and textures to highlight the best of your shape!

Do you have shapely hourglass curves? The high-waisted swimsuit bottom is effortlessly elegant and universally flattering. These bottoms hit high on the waist, offering increased coverage and smoothing out the tummy. Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, the high-waisted bikini bottom is sleek and comfortable.

Brazilian Style Swimsuit Bottom

A Brazilian-style swim bottom is best to make a smaller bum look bigger. This style gives the impression of a fuller, larger bum shape with the way it’s cut. It’s a great style to wear with confidence since it can seem intimidating at first. 

In contrast, it will have the opposite effect on a round or wider-shaped butt. Styles that have more fabric will make your bum seem bigger so if that’s not your goal, steer clear of those styles and go for a brazilian style bikini bottom instead! 

Hipster Swimsuit Bottom

Hipster swim bottoms are known for their wide waistband that sits softly over the tummy and lower back. If you’re looking for a swim bottom for tummy or love handle control, this style is for you. While we know you’ll look amazing no matter what! We also know that sometimes covering up some parts will make us more comfortable. 

This style will accentuate your waist, highlighting your curves in the best way! This style is also great to add curves if you have a straighter figure and a flatter booty. You can find this style in multiple coverage options out there so you’re sure to find the one that fits you best! 

As you can guess from the name, hipster bikini bottoms hit right at your hips. This style hugs curves, smooths hips, and shows off your full stomach. It's the perfect swimsuit bottom style for anyone who wants to elongate the appearance of their torso and balance ample hips. Sitting lower, but not as low as California cut bottoms, hipster bikini bottoms make your midsection appear longer and leaner. So, go ahead. Give your hips a hug! 

Like shirred band bottoms, side shirred hipster bottoms use ruching to flatter the hips and fight "muffin-tops." The shirring is only on the sides, however, and hits right at the hip bones. The thicker waistband makes this style perfect for anyone who desires added coverage and a no-fuss, hip-enhancing fit. 

A shirred band hipster bottom flatters top-heavy hips and derrieres. A thicker waistband combats any pinching or "muffin-topping," while the fold-over design smooths the hips and lower stomach. This bikini bottom style offers moderate to full coverage in the back, perfect for the woman who wants a flattering look whether she's playing beach volleyball or enjoying a poolside brunch! 

Tie Side Swimsuit Bottom

Side tie bottoms are a great and versatile option. With their customizable straps, you can adjust how the bottom sits on your body to be the most flattering for you. If you have a bigger booty you can use this style to adjust how much coverage you want or need from your bikini bottom. 

It also lets you regulate how much lift you give your bum, creating a peachier butt to flaunt at the beach. For the smaller booty ladies, the thin ties will draw attention to the sides of your bum, taking the focus away from your actual butt and making it look curvier. You can adjust the ties to how you prefer to wear them to feel your best!

Side Tie Bikini Bottoms give you freedom and flexibility to customize your fit and perfectly tailor the swimsuit bottom to your shape. Adjust the side ties to flawlessly hug your hips, tying the strings into sweet bows on either hip. This style is a bikini classic, excellent for those who want superior fit, less coverage, and a little lift.


As you can see, there are plenty of bikini bottom styles out in the world. We’d even say you have a sea of options. Seriously though, there are so many styles and variations within those styles that you’ll surely be able to find your perfect fit! Remember to try on multiple options to see which you feel best in and don’t feel discouraged if it’s not a hit on the first try; there are more fish in the sea (We’ll stop with the sea jokes now!). 

Most important of all is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing so make sure to take your time in finding the bikini bottoms that make you light up and give you that boost of confidence to flaunt your natural beauty at the beach! We hope these tips are helpful in your search and that they help you find the best swimsuit bottom for your body!.

When you’re shopping for the perfect bikini bottom, there’s one main thing to look for: the fit that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous. There’s no substitute for confidence! Discover La Blanca swimsuit bottoms that make you feel bold and ready for a sizzling summer.



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