What Is a Tankini & How Should It Fit?

Shopping for swimwear is already a hard task; add to it being unsure how it should fit and it becomes downright stressful. If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably heard of a tankini before or have even owned one back in the 90s! Nevertheless, you might still be a little confused about what it actually is and how to go about buying the right one so that it fits correctly. If that’s the case then you’re in the right place! Read on and we’ll guide you through your tankini purchase so you can get the right one just for you. And don’t worry, tankini styles have changed since the 90’s so there are plenty of options to fit your style! 

What Is a Tankini?

So what is a tankini? The tankini essentially combines a tank top and a bikini top. It was originally brought into swimsuit fashion in the late 1990s and was given its name due to the combination of the two items. They were devised as an alternative to the single-piece and the revealing bikinis that were popular at the time, as not everyone felt comfortable wearing them. A tankini was born out of the desire to combine the modesty of a one-piece suit with the convenience and interchangeability of a two-piece bikini.

Tankinis have developed to be a great option for not only more modest swimwear but also for active women looking for a suit that stays in place. The tankini has dominated the swimwear industry for decades and is still considered one of the first important inventions and advancements in women's swimsuit design.

These swimsuits are sleek, fashionable, and a refreshing change from the traditional bikinis and bandeaus that leave little to the imagination while also being potentially uncomfortable to wear. They can have exquisite vintage vibes or current influences with classic twists, allowing ladies all over the world to create unique sets by mixing and matching different sets of tops and bottoms, and they can be easily adorned by your wardrobe.

Owning a tankini that is as comfy as your skin and expresses your personal and distinct sense of style, whether charming or elegant, means a lot nowadays, and more and more women are realizing that feeling comfortable and looking beautiful is simple with the appropriate swimwear option.

Many people, however, are still unsure how a tankini should be worn. What does a tankini that fits you feel like? So, where do you begin?

How Should It Fit?

When shopping for your new tankini it0s vital to make sure it fits you correctly. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your bathing suit while trying to relax at the beach. Besides potentially bringing on a headache from pressure on your neck or back pain from lack of support, having your tankini be too tight or too loose is beyond uncomfortable. We’re going over what you should be looking out for and paying attention to on your next swimwear shopping trip! 

It All Starts With You

Knowing yourself and your shape is the first step in determining how a tankini top fits. Tankini tops aren't all created equal. Determining whether you have an hourglass, straight, inverted triangle, diamond, or oval form is a great starting point! While these molds aren’t one size fits all,  keep in mind that certain parts of a bathing suit may be more customized for your body shape than others, depending on whether you have a large or tiny chest.

Make Sure You’re Supported

Regardless of whether you have a huge or tiny chest, you'll want a tankini top that properly supports you. A tankini top for a larger busted woman should provide you with the necessary support to keep you comfortable throughout the day without requiring you to change it frequently.

For Larger Chests: How To Know if You’re Supported 

If you have a larger chest you might be wondering how you can make sure you’re properly supported with your new tankini. Look out for these details to check if it’s the right fit:

  • The tankini's neckline and/or seams should not scrape into your flesh in any way
  • There should be no leakage above the tankini's neckline
  • Any bands around your waist or ribs should have enough space between the cloth and your flesh for you to easily slide your finger between them
  • If your tankini has straps, make sure they are snug but not so tight that they cut into your skin and cause red lines

Given that most tankini tops include a built-in bra or support, you'll want to apply a lot of the same fitting criteria you'd use for a bra as a starting point to ensure your tankini fits properly.

If you are on the bustier side, there are specific styles that can help you feel better supported. Take our Island Goddess Underwire Wrap Tankini Top, this is a great option due to a couple of reasons: the underwire in the tankini top will provide great support to your chest, along with the wrap-effect across the top. Having shoulder straps (as opposed to tying at the neck) helps distribute the weight more evenly, and the possibility to change the shoulder strap length also allows for a better fitting and supporting top.

Leveling It Out

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of how to make sure your new supports you correctly for your body type, it’s time to learn how it should fit all around.

How do your tankini top's front and back band sit? The right-fitting tankini will sit at the same level - not too high or too low. If the back of your tankini slides up your back while the front slides down, or if the back slides down while the front rides up, it is likely that your tankini does not fit properly.

With larger busts, the cups sag down and the weight of your chest is transmitted to the straps when the back of your tankini is too high or too low. Your neck, shoulders, and upper back are put under undue strain as a result of this. When your tankini acts like this when worn by a lady with a small bust, it's a sign that it's not the appropriate fit, especially if the band starts to rise upward.

Why a Tankini?

If you’ve gotten this far and still aren’t fully convinced about the tankini, let us present our case! We know that it might not be the common option but it really can provide you with an amazing addition of comfort above your traditional bikini top and more creative options than a normal one piece. 

The Prettiest Coverage 

Obviously, tankini tops give you more coverage, which if you aren’t into super revealing bikini tops is a great benefit. The tankini will still give you the two-piece look without exposing anything you don’t want to expose. Plus, you get more of the beautiful patterns that you otherwise wouldn’t get as much of with a bikini top. Take our ​​Terra Italia High Neck Keyhole Tankini Top, for example, having this print on this longer version affords it a much greater impact that you wouldn’t necessarily get with a bikini top.

Mix and Matching Fun 

Mixing and matching your pieces is a great way to express your personality and try out new styles, which can even end up giving you more confidence as well as a new look. Having a tankini top still allows you to try out different pairings while still having the coverage you might want. Pick up a pretty solid colored option or a fun patterned one with multiple different neckline options you’re sure to find the right one for you. It also gives you the freedom of going either with a solid top and pattern bottom or the other way round. Go for our Tropea Breeze Twist Tie Back Tankini and our Island Goddess Shirred Band Hipster Bottom in Paprika for a fun and colorful combo, or flip it around! 

Versatile and Functional 

A tankini is really an amazing option when it comes to versatility and functionality. If you’re looking for something that can stand up to anything the beach throws at you this is the item for you, you really can’t go wrong. While being on holiday can be very relaxing, it can also be a lot of time spent chasing kids around in the sun, with sand everywhere and a lot of swimming in the ocean. 

Tankini tops will work for any activity on the beach. Flexible and fully functional, you can be certain that a properly fitted tankini will keep you looking great no matter what the beach day brings. Our Island Goddess Twist Bandeau Shirred Tankini Top is an amazing option! With great coverage and adjustable straps, you’re sure to be comfortable all day long, no matter what you get up to, and don’t have to worry about any unwanted spillages! 

Dress Them Up or Down

No matter if you’re looking to dress it up or down the tankini has got your back!  It’s one of the best swimwear pieces when it comes to versatility. There are multiple ways you can style the tankini, either dress it up with an elegant solid color or a trendy color block pattern, or you can dress it down but still keep it interesting with a fun pattern. 

A perfect example is our Mod For Dot Keyhole Tankini Top. A super low-key black and white dot pattern with a twist makes for an easy no-brainer piece. If something with a little more pop is what you’re going for, opt for our In Full Bloom Over The Shoulder Knot Tankini Top and you’ll be more than set with this colorful but still subdued floral print that’ll look amazing at the beach or lounging poolside! 

For Everybody!

To rest our case we leave you with our last reason, and maybe the most important reason why you should try a tankini. It looks flattering on everybody! It really doesn’t matter what your size is, or what your body type is, there is a beautiful top out there for you. It really is a question of searching for it and with all the different options we have at La Blanca you’re sure to find the right one for you! Make sure you take a look at the rest of our tankini collection.


Finding the correct fit for your tankini that will make you feel comfortable and confident can seem like an overwhelming job. But when your swimwear fits you perfectly, you're less likely to be concerned with what you're wearing, where it digs, or what it might reveal, and actually feel present in what you're doing. Having the correct fit for you means being able to do what you love most, whether it's swimming at the beach, lake, or in your own backyard. 

Hopefully, we’ve helped you see that finding a tankini that fits you properly doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or daunting task. Remember to check out how where things fall and how they feel and you’re sure to find the right one for you. 

Above all, make sure you’re feeling comfortable, confident, and sexy and you’ll know you have the right tankini for you! After that, all that’s left to do is pack up your sunnies and sunscreen and you’re ready for an amazing day at the beach, making heads turn in your new favorite swim outfit! 



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