Live the High Life: 7 Best Luxury Cruises

Cruises are extravagant and luxurious experiences that can make for the perfect getaway if you’re looking to feel like a celebrity. With glamorous dinners in different places every night, fun nights in old historic casinos or lunchtime shopping strolls on boulevards, there are activities for everyone.

Most cruise lines offer unique experiences that you’ll cherish the memories of forever, accompanied by five-star service, complimentary treats, and optional adventures that will leave you wanting more!

You can find exquisite restaurants and the finest delicacies aboard these cruises all while you’re taking the time to relax and enjoy new places. If any of this piques your interest, keep reading to find our recommendations for the seven best luxury cruises.

1. Crystal Cruises

Let’s start off with Crystal Cruises. They are veterans at providing their customers with unique experiences. From master chef restaurant experiences to exclusive magic shows by master magicians, there are plenty of options to pick from.

One of the most special adventures you can take part in is aboard the Crystal Esprit, aboard this ship you can embark on a deep-sea submersible and dive down 1000 feet to look around reefs and shipwrecks.

2. Windstar

All the Windstar Cruises have private events that aim to immerse the passengers in the culture of the place they are visiting. This can mean playing the tables at the Grand Casino and dessert at Café Paris in Monaco, or a five-course, white-glove, candlelit dinner at the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey, accompanied by a trio from the Aegean Chamber Orchestra.

Now the cruise line is expanding these luxurious offers to its most recent itinerary. If you opt for the Dreams of Tahiti, you’ll have the opportunity to harvest your own Tahitian black pearl. Passengers are taken by skiff to an over-water reef house right off the Island of Raiatea where they’ll learn about pearl farming and jewelry production in French Polynesia. Afterward, it's time to gear up and head to the underground pearl farm. On the treasure hunt, you’re tasked to find four hidden oysters hidden by members of the staff around the reef house with the possibility of any of the four having a black pearl inside.

If you’re heading on the black pearl scuba-diving experience you might want to look at our stylish rash guards for your trip!

3. Cunard

Cunard is a world-renowned cruise line and besides their wonderful offering, their latest addition to their trips is the possibility to bring your furry friends along with you! The Queen Mary 2, Cunard's flagship liner, is not only a milestone for luxury transatlantic travel, but it's also the only passenger liner that accommodates four-legged companions.

The kennels on QM2 were upgraded and expanded during the ship's refit this summer, tripling the number of "rooms'' and boosting the amount of outside walking space for dogs and their owners to enjoy. So get your pet ready to come along with for the ultimate celebrity experience. You can even match your clothing to truly feel like an A-lister.

4. Regent Seven Seas

Renowned for their opulence, the Regent cruises are likened to floating palaces and have all the details to go with it. With a generously inclusive fare, it includes business-class airfare, pre-cruise luxury hotel stays, and on-land excursions at each port you dock at, among other perks on the lengthy list.

The line’s aim is an over-the-top luxury that has a wow factor to it. To achieve this, the ships are decked out with Carrara marble floors, Czech crystal chandeliers, and artwork by the likes of Picasso and Chagall.

With size comes even more luxury. On the largest of their ships, you’ll be able to find massive luxurious rooms that have large balconies and marble bathrooms. The top suites also include solariums, private spas with saunas and steam rooms, pianos in the living room, and yes a living room.

You can also find extravagantly decorated restaurants with comfortable bars nearby. These include Prime 7, a favorite among the passengers for its steakhouse menu that counts with jumbo lump crab cakes, U.S.D.A. prime-aged beef, and Alaskan king crab legs.

5. Atlas Ocean Voyages

Atlas Ocean Voyages, a new cruise line that began in the summer of 2021 and caters to affluent luxury cruise customers, offers expensive experiences on small ships that hold only 196 passengers.

The World Navigator, the first of five planned ships in the fleet, has its own landing craft, jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards that passengers can use to explore the world on itineraries that include the Mediterranean, Portugal, and Egypt, as well as more remote destinations like the Arctic and Antarctica.

Despite the casual onboard dress requirement, the ship itself is anything but, with beautiful retro-chic furnishings and marble floors.

Atlas offers its Atlas Assurance protection to all passengers, in addition to incorporating Wi-Fi, crew gratuities, alcohol, and some shore excursions in its prices. Not only does the program cover medical costs, including evacuation for sick passengers and their entire travel party if necessary, but it also assures that travelers may acquire emergency eyeglasses, new prescription prescriptions, and physician referrals when they need them.

Overall, Atlas has mastered the art of blending opulence with relaxation, making it one of the must-experience luxury cruise lines. Our new Crystal Cove collection would look amazing on a Mediterranean holiday! Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen as well for the necessary sun protection.

6. Silversea

Silversea might be the provider with the most diverse geographic itineraries of all. Now owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, it offers stylish and contemporary luxury that is complemented by wonderful pampering.

Every single suite on the Silversea ship has a butler that provides amazing service, to the level of making sure your hiking boots look as good as new. The complementary products aboard the ship include Bulgari bath products.

The ships also have multiple dining spaces with diversified menus, from sushi to foie gras or thin-crust pizza. All drinks are on the house, including an amazing assortment of fine wines. You can also enjoy a new dining and culinary education concept called S.A.L.T, which brings together local flavors with experts that explain what you’re eating and drinking. As part of this program, you can also take part in culinary-based experiences once you dock at the different ports.

Most of the Silversea lines are based in polar locations. When you’re in those regions, each passenger is given a complimentary jacket to keep protected from the weather outside.

7. Seabourn

Last but not least is Seabourn, which is part of the Carnival Corporation. The cruise ships are top-tier boats that offer comfortable and modern luxury. This experience can be as casual or fancy as you please. With multiple restaurant options available, you’re sure to find the one that fits the level of fancy you’re feeling each night of your trip. The casual offers don’t mean the luxury trademark service is sacrificed.

This high-quality service extends throughout the ship. During your stay, you can have your suite steward draw you a bath and order complimentary caviar as a snack.

One of the ship’s restaurants is a retro-chic steakhouse with menus created by Chef Thomas Keller. The menu includes prime beef, lobster thermidor, and delicious roast chicken, among other wonderful dishes. All the dining fees are included in your fare, and you can enjoy complimentary spirits, fine wines, and house champagne all over the ship.

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With all these cruise lines available you’ll have plenty of exploring and traveling to do! Each has different experiences and adventures to offer, but all are sure to give you the luxurious trip away you’re looking for.

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