2022 Luxury Resort Wear Trends: A Guide

Trends are one of the best parts of taking part in fashion. While it is important to be aware not to give into overconsumption, it’s a nice way to shake things up in your closet from time to time. While some might be similar to the previous year, fresh new trends are generally introduced in the forecasts.

Nowadays, with the multiple different trends, there are at once, they also cross and mix all the different fashion styles and genres, so there are trends that will fit everyone’s style.

If you’re looking to give your summer look a new feel, keep reading for this year’s luxury resort wear trends.

Color Explosion

Bold, bright, and colorful shades are here to stay. It’s time to embrace funky fashion and try out standout colors and vibrant prints. Besides their appealing aesthetic, these happy colors easily make anyone feel good, adding to why this trend is growing and here for the year ahead!

Our Isla Del Sol V-Neck Tunic is an amazing option, featuring a bright pink and orange pattern. It’ll put a smile on your face in no time!

Quiet Neutrals

In contrast, another trend we’re going to see plenty of is understated luxury. Make use of neutral tones and low-key staples with a twist. Don’t be fooled into thinking this trend is about to be boring because that is far from the truth! Just because we’re talking about neutrals, doesn’t mean they can’t pop. Look for interesting details that make the piece interesting and stand out. Textures and mixed neutral patterns are the perfect way to go for an extra something.

If this sounds like the trend for you check out our Twisted Bamboo Plunge One Piece. With a classic silhouette that has a little sexy feature and a neutral-toned pattern, this piece fits seamlessly into this category.

Maxed out

After the success of midi skirts over the past years, maxi length is back! With the trend taking over both social media and luxury fashion runways, it’s safe to say that it’s a trend we can get behind. This style is returning in a simple tube style that fits closer to the ankles.

Our Ocean Oasis Over-The-Shoulder Dress is the perfect match for this trend! With a simple tube-style silhouette and a fun ombre print, you’re more than set to feel stylish on your next trip.

Feeling Sexy

Sexy is back in a big way. Empowering silhouettes will be all over for the warmer months ahead. Featuring details such as cut-outs and plunging necklines, get ready to show some more skin when at the beach! Don’t forget to increase the sunscreen for the extra skin showing.

Check out the Island Goddess Cutout One Shoulder Mio One-Piece for a sexy cut-out option.

Detailed Prints

This trend taps into multiple aesthetics from around the world. Look for details such as tie-dye, crochet, sarongs, and tassels to bring this trend to life within your own wardrobe.

A great option to dip your toes into this trend is our Tropics Of Tropez Kimono. A colorful nature-inspired printed kimono, it features tassels around the seam in a bright turquoise color. Our Ocean Oasis Pareo Wrap has a beautiful blue-toned ombre print.

Matching sets

Matching sets have been a trend for the past couple of years and are still going strong; so much so that they’re sticking around for this upcoming summer season. Sets that match are a great investment to make since they can give you so many different options. From styling the set together for an easy, no-brainer look that gets you out the door quickly, to mixing and matching the pieces with the rest of your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong.

Our Isla Del Sol Ruffle Sleeve Top and Isla Del Sol Hipster Bottom are a beautiful, colorful, and flirty set that screams summer. With bright colors and a fruit and flower print, you couldn’t ask for more. Style them with the Isla Del Sol Beach Shorts for a total matching look.

White Dressing

If all the color trends aren’t for you, then this might be the one! Get ready for everything white dresses this upcoming season. White is a great, breezy color that keeps you cool when the days get warmer and it’s the perfect summer option.

Our Island Fare Tie Front Mid Length Dress is a great option for a more versatile cover-up option that can be dressed up or down. For a more casual look, go with our Seaside Covers Hoodie that is great for going from the beach to the beach bar for lunch.

Statement Draping

One of the most elegant trends this year, draping, ruching, and pleats are back in style. Some of the most flattering, romantic, and timeless techniques can be used on garments in multiple ways. Of course, using stretchy materials is a simple way of achieving this, which within the world of swimwear is an added benefit!

The Ocean Oasis Shirred One Shoulder One Piece is the perfect example of this trend! With a fully draped body and beautiful print, it’s flattering on everyone.

Bikinis on the Streets

Wearing bikini tops out and about is another new trend! From wearing them with skirts to full suits, bikini tops, no matter the size, are having their shining moment.

Our Island Goddess High Neck Midkini Top is an amazing sub-in for a crop top, as well as our Ocean Oasis Bandeau Midkini Top. These two options are longer midkini styles so they might not be quite as daring as other tops out there.

So Many Trends To Try

Now that you have all the info on the fresh new trends for the upcoming summer season, you’re ready to get shopping for that wardrobe re-fresh! With all the different trends, you’re sure to find the ones that fit into the style you’ve already built on. That being said, don’t be afraid to try out new things and explore trends you might not go for; you might be surprised to find you actually like it!

Remember to look for bright colors, luxurious neutrals, sexy beach looks, fun bold patterns, longer hemlines, matching sets, and elegant draping. Have fun with the trends on the deck for this summer.

Check out the new section on our website to see what’s in stock and you’re sure to find new, trendy, and stylish swimwear and cover-up options. These will have you instantly feeling like a trendsetter!


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