High Neck Swimsuits: Turn the Beach Into a Runway

Necklines can make or break a swimsuit. While bandeau tops and plunging necklines are sultry and stylish, sometimes you want to add an element of glamor to your beach trip. 

With a high-neck swimsuit, you can look chic and stylish this summer. High necklines are often overlooked in day-to-day fashion, but think about how classy that cut is (and how often we associate the high neck style with runway models and Parisian beauties). 

You can emulate that chic fashion in your swimwear with a high-neck swimsuit. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite high-neck swimsuit picks, and turn the beach into a runway this summer. 

High-Neck One-Pieces

One-piece swimsuits are already on the chic-er end of the swimwear spectrum. There is something glamorous about concealing your body with a form-fitting swimsuit. Once you incorporate a high neckline, you’re basically ready to hit the runways. 

There are different kinds of high necklines to consider before you select the classy one-piece that’ll become your summer staple. So, keep reading to discover more about your high-neck swimwear options. 

Keyhole Swimsuits

The classic high neckline in swimwear is the keyhole-shaped swimsuit. More specifically, we recommend checking out the Island Goddess High Neck Keyhole One-Piece, which has a high neckline with a keyhole plunge and an adjustable collar. 

The Island Goddess Keyhole swimsuit completely captures the runway-ready look you are trying to achieve. The slight slit of the neckline leaves you with a little glimpse of cleavage but remains modest otherwise, inviting you in while staying refined. 

You can choose between solid colors of the Island Goddess High Neck — our favorite pick is solid black. No shade is quite as flattering as black, and the combination of the sexy black color alongside the keyhole neckline will leave you looking like an Old Hollywood superstar. 

Don’t feel confined to a solid color, though. If your style is a bit more eccentric, there are plenty of patterns we recommend trying. For instance, the Apulia Mix High Neck Keyhole One-Piece has tasteful patterns that will turn your beach style up a notch.

This cut is the classic, classy high neck style. It resembles that of a turtleneck, only sleeveless and ready to wear at the pool. It is a great summertime twist on a timeless look and will have you looking model-esque at the beach. 

Halter Top One-Pieces

If you’d like a more sultry, modern take on the high neckline suit, go for a halter top one-piece. Halter tops are similar to keyhole necklines in the sense that they have a classic feel and elevate the look of your swimsuit, but halters are a little less conservative. 

If you are unfamiliar with the halter neckline, it’s simply a neckline that wraps the strap around the neck. Where it really differs from the keyhole shape is that halters tend to have a deeper v-neck, and the back is left completely open. 

Much like the keyhole one-piece swimsuits, halter necklines add an element of class to an already chic framework. Halters tend to show off more cleavage and more back for a sultry look. Halters will make you look just as runway worthy as the keyhole high neckline with a little added pizzazz. 

High Neck Two Pieces

The high neck style is often associated with one-pieces, but it can make a great tankini option as well. 

When tankinis came into popularity in the late 90s, they served as a more modest alternative to the bikini. Cut the right way, a tankini makes anyone look runway ready. They essentially are just a longer bikini top that provides more coverage while staying a two-piece swimsuit. 

La Blanca’s Ocean Oasis Keyhole Tankini is a great two-piece staple that will make you turn heads this summer. The top is skin tight and hugs your curves in all the right places, with the same neckline as the one-piece mentioned above. The slit around the bust shows some cleavage but keeps you covered overall. 

The tankini is blue and white with an ombre shading reminiscent of ocean waves. The colors and pattern will make you stand out this summer with another cutout that belongs on a catwalk — in this case, an avant-garde runway show. 

Halter Two Pieces

Halter neckline two pieces are the perfect neckline to make you look classy and sultry. The high cutout of the halter maintains the runway readiness of the silhouette. Meanwhile, the amount of skin left exposed gives it a level of sexiness that is harder to come by in a keyhole swimsuit. 

Both styles are excellent swimwear options that will display your chic sense of fashion. If you like to show off some more skin by the pool, halter two pieces are made for you. 

Halter Tankini Top

Get a taste of the two-piece style while maintaining your modesty with the Island Goddess Halter Tankini top. To really hone in on the chic-ness, we recommend going for either the solid black or the beautiful solid cherry red options. 

The solid shades make the swimsuit appear more sophisticated and refined, while the halter cutout shows off your figure and incorporates the sexy element that you crave. This swimsuit is the perfect compromise between the one-piece and bikini, making you look like a swimwear model. 

Halter Bikini Top

Halter bikini tops are show-stopping swimsuits that give you the opportunity to flex your figure and look stylish at the same time.

The halter neckline will give you chest support but will also show off your cleavage. It is a cutout that continues to highlight the neckline and make you look chic, but the halter bikini top will make you ooze flirty appeal at the same time. 

Strut Your Stuff This Summer

There is nothing wrong with bringing a little glam to the beach, and with a high-neck swimsuit you will absolutely look runway ready. 

Whether you opt for a one-piece swimsuit or tankini, or the keyhole cutout or halter neckline, high-neck swimsuits will show off your curves and make you look chic on the beach this summer. 



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