Rash Guards 101: 4 Reasons To Wear One

We’re sure you have heard some talk about rash guards by now. As skincare, wellness, and body positivity movements become more prioritized in our dialogue and fashion, rash guards have rapidly gained popularity. 

There truly is a lot more buzz about rash guards these days, and it is time for you to learn all the wonderful benefits of wearing them. Whether you are an avid swimmer looking to improve your skincare habits or are looking for swimwear that is flattering and comfortable, you will find rash guards are the perfect swim top for your needs. 

We have created a list of the main reasons why you should wear a rash guard, but first, we will need to define rash guards for anyone who is out of the loop or just needs a refresher. So, keep on reading to learn all about rash guards and why you should be wearing them!

What Is a Rash Guard? 

With social media and the constant evolution of fashion, it can be hard to keep up with all the garments that are out there. The term rash guard likely sounds familiar but can be defined as an athletic vest or shirt that is typically made out of spandex and polyester. 

It is often worn as a form of swimwear, but is versatile and can be worn in virtually any setting. 

Rash guards were first invented in Australia for the purpose of protecting athletes in various water sports. It was created with the intention of protecting the skin from the sun and from harm, like jellyfish stings. 

Over time, the rash guard has evolved and is now a swimwear staple for adults and children alike.

There are countless reasons why rash guards have become so mainstream and why you should hop on the bandwagon. Continue reading to learn about our top reasons why you should start wearing rash guards today. 

1. Helps Prevent Rashes

The name of the garment is called a rash guard, and this is because its primary purpose is to help prevent the skin from getting rashes when you engage in certain activities. 

Rashes can occur for a variety of reasons. You might react to a sting from creatures like jellyfish or bees, you can get a rash from too much sun exposure, or you might react to the elements of the ocean. 

A huge reason for its introduction into the wide world of swimwear fashion is to prevent chafing and rashing from being in the water for too long. Especially if you are surfing or engaging in other ocean activities, you are likely to have sand and salty water slam into your skin, which is bound to cause painful rashes. 

The rash guard, or “rashie” as the Aussies kindly refer to them, is skin tight and has long sleeves to cover your body, ensuring the utmost protection for your skin. 

Even if you aren’t engaging in anything too physically demanding, the possibility of getting a rash is always higher when you are swimming in pools or the ocean, so it is a great way to try and prevent any future discomfort. 

2. Helps Prevent Sunburns 

If you have ever had a bad sunburn, you know how nasty and painful it can be. Sunburns are debilitating; it can hurt to wear clothes, sit down, and do any of your daily activities depending on the severity of your burns. 

Rash guards are a great preventative tool to help avoid any potential burning. Of course, you should always lather up on sunscreen when you head outside for any amount of time since sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from UV rays. 

If you are engaging in a sport, or just plan on being outside for a prolonged period of time, it can be hard to remember to reapply sunscreen as often as we should, which is a great way to cause unnecessary burns. 

When you wear a rash guard, you are giving your skin added protection from the sun. You will still need to apply sunscreen, and reapply to your face and other exposed areas throughout the day, but the rash guard provides extensive body coverage, so the sun will have a harder time reaching more sensitive areas, like the back and shoulders. 

If you know there will be points in your day where you will have excessive sun exposure, you should absolutely stock up on rash guards to give your body added sun protection. Your skin will thank you in the long run!

3. Great for All Forms of Exercise 

If you are an active individual, rash guards will benefit you, regardless of what activity you partake in. 

Rash guards are often marketed as swimwear, and for good reason! They are commonly worn by surfers, swimmers, and lifeguards. It provides the perfect amount of protection while fitting comfortably. It essentially becomes like a second skin for anyone who is active in the water. 

If you enjoy swimming and spending long days exercising on the beach, a rash guard is a must-have garment. 

You do not need to exclusively use your rash guard for water activities, however. Just about any physical activity can call for a rash guard. If you like to run, rash guards can be a good way to keep your sweat compressed and keep you warm if you go out during chilly seasons. 

Rash guards are also great for skateboarding, ice skating, rock climbing, biking, and so much more. All of those sports and activities put you at risk of falling down, scraping your limbs, or even getting a lot of sun exposure. The rash guard can help protect your skin from all those factors, while also fitting you comfortably. 

It does not matter what kind of exercise you prefer to engage in; a rash guard is an appropriate garment to wear always!

4. A Flattering Garment

The levels of protection that rash guards provide you are reason enough to hop on the bandwagon, but an equally important factor is that it is simply a flattering garment. 

It might seem like just an average long-sleeved shirt, but rash guards are built to flatter your body well. The fabric is typically made from stretchy materials like spandex and nylon, and it is made to be a compression top. What that means is that the shirt is going to have a thicker texture, but hug your figure while providing a lot of stretch and flexibility. 

Regardless of your body type, a rash guard is going to compliment your figure very nicely. The compression fit will make your waist look small, and give you a flattering hourglass figure. 

Not only will it look amazing on you, but it will also feel good on you! The flexibility and durability of the fabrics make it a garment that is extremely comfortable. You won’t want to take it off after your workout because of how great you look and feel. 

Get Your Rash Guard Today!

Rash guards have nothing but good qualities. They protect your skin from rashes and sun damage, all while making your physique look amazing. Once you convert to the rash guard lifestyle, you will never turn back. 

Find the right rash guard for you, and start rocking one today!



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