Relaxing by the Pool Like a Pro

Want to make the most of your summer? Do you have access to an indoor pool this winter and want to have a luxurious experience? We are here to make sure any time spent by the pool is as relaxing and fun as possible! 

You can always just show up to the pool in your bathing suit with a folded towel tucked underneath your arm, but why do the bare minimum when you can make the most of your pool time? 

With the right accessories and pool toys, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life by the pool — even if it is just a party of one. 

Read our guide below, stock up on all the poolside necessities, and start relaxing by the water like a pro. 

Poolside Speaker

The perfect way to create a nice ambiance and set the tone for your day is with some great music. When you lounge around the pool, and even when you hop in and make laps around the water, you will want some background music to help maintain a good atmosphere. 

Whether you are hosting a group of people or plan on taking a solo swim, a high-quality, waterproof speaker is a poolside must-have!

When a group of people gets together, music is something to help keep everyone energized and happy. Your smartphone simply does not have a loud enough speaker built-in to be the right tool for your group, so a speaker is a need. 

Even when you are lounging alone, you will want to rock out to your favorite songs, and what better way to do that than with a nice speaker blasting them just for you?

Your pool day will not be complete without a great soundtrack in the background, and the best way to ensure that you have that is with a waterproof speaker. All that’s left for you to do is curate your poolside playlist!

Lush Beach Towel

Lush Beach Towel

A more obvious poolside necessity is a beach towel, but to truly get the most out of your day you should prioritize securing a lush, high-quality beach towel. 

We have all been there before: you come out of the pool shivering, ready to dry off, only to be confronted with a ratty towel with the texture of sandpaper. How are you supposed to relax under such conditions? You can avoid this and have a comfortable day of poolside lounging when you invest in great towels. 

Before you hit the pool, grab a soft, large, cozy towel (one that will soak up all the chlorine water from your body while keeping you warm). 

One of the greatest feelings is coming out of a chilly pool and wrapping yourself in a comfy towel that feels like a warm hug. If you make sure to have a nice towel for your pool day, you are certain to have a lovely, relaxing day! 

Pool Floats

Sometimes the best way to lounge by the pool, without having to actually go in the pool, is to hang out on a pool float. You get to enjoy the sun, or if you are utilizing an indoor pool, you can enjoy the ambiance of the room without having to get wet. 

Floats also allow you to feel the coolness of the pool water below you without submerging yourself. 

To make the most of your day, make sure you invest in a high-quality float, preferably one with a drink holder. That way you can drift around the pool without even having to get up to grab your beverage of choice. 

You can have some extra fun with it when you pick some whimsical pool floats. There are countless cute floats out there, like one in the shape of an ice cream treat, or even a large float shaped like a unicorn. 

What can be more relaxing than floating atop the pool water, while staying dry and comfortable? Whatever pool float you opt for, as long as you have enough for any guests you’ve brought along as well, you are right on track to becoming a poolside pro!

Quality Cooler

No pool day is complete without some snacks and beverages. However, storing food and drinks and keeping them fresh and cool can be a challenge, especially if your pool is outdoors in the summer heat.

You should make your snacks a priority, and the best way to do so is by having a high-quality cooler alongside you during your pool day. Locking down a nice cooler is step one; next, you need to pack it up full of the essentials!

Remember, coolers do not operate like freezers in that they don’t produce cold, they just keep heat out, so make sure you stuff yours with plenty of ice. It is also important to try and keep the cooler out of direct sunlight, to ensure the ice keeps for as long as possible. 

Now all that’s left is choosing what to put inside your cooler. Taste is a subjective matter, but we recommend getting some fruity wine coolers if you are of age and pairing it with some cheese and crackers as well as fresh fruit, like watermelon. You will want food and drinks that are refreshing and hydrating, but also will keep you happy and relaxing. 

Pool Chairs

Lounging is much more difficult when you don’t have access to a comfortable chair to lean back on, so pool chairs are a necessity if you want to become a relaxed pool day pro.

A chair can be a very broad term, but we are specifically referring to a reclining chaise lounge or a reclining lawn chair. These chairs tend to be long, with an adjustable back so that you can make yourself as cozy as you’d like. 

Secure an outdoor pillow to accompany the chair, kick back, and rest your head. If you do not have a mattress on top, this is another great opportunity to utilize your lush beach towel for some extra cushioning. 

These chairs are perfect for sunbathing fans, so throw on your favorite bikini top and matching bottoms and soak up the sun on your chaise lounge! 



The most important factor to ensure you become a relaxing pool day professional is applying sunscreen

If you have ever had a bad sunburn, you know how crucial sunscreen really is. Though a little reddening of the skin doesn’t seem like a huge deal, the discomfort, peeling, and strange tan lines prove otherwise. No tan is worth the potential pain, skin damage, and risk of skin cancer that excessive sun exposure can cause. 

Do not just apply the sunscreen before you head out either! Make sure you keep the bottle beside you throughout the day and reapply it every couple of hours, and whenever you come out of the pool. 

It is a minor task that will keep your skin glowing and safe for years to come! Besides, you can’t possibly relax if you are burning to a crisp, so sunscreen is essential to a day of lounging and relaxation by the pool. 

Poolside Pro in No Time

It does not take much to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool, but if you use or bring any of the above suggestions, you are guaranteed to have the best pool day ever. Whether you are on a tropical vacation, are enjoying the summer sun, or are making use of an indoor pool, if you follow any number of our suggestions you will be a poolside pro and have an amazing, relaxing time no matter where you are! 



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