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4 Swimsuit Outfits To Wear All Year Long

Typically, we tend to associate swimsuits and swimwear with summertime and days spent lounging by the pool while applying sunscreen and enjoying the seasonal heat. Why should we wear these cute garments exclusively during the summer? 

Swimsuits are made from materials like spandex, polyester, and nylon to make them more durable and water resistant, but that doesn’t mean they should only be worn if you intend on diving into a swimming pool. 

If you are anything like us, you purchase swimwear that makes you look and feel sexy, confident, and stylish, so why limit yourself? There are countless ways to style your favorite swimwear staples so that you can get use out of them all year round. 

This autumn, don’t pack up your swimwear until next summer rolls around. Instead, read our tips and tricks to style your bathing suits and create some stylish outfits out of your swimwear that will last you all year.

1. Turn Your One-Piece Swimsuit Into a Bodysuit

Bodysuits and jumpsuits are everywhere these days — and for good reason! These sporty pieces complement everyone’s figure, they are easy to style, and most of all they are comfortable. Instead of dropping money on a whole new wardrobe of bodysuits, why not repurpose your one-piece swimsuits and utilize them as bodysuits? 

Bodysuits are popular in fashion. A huge reason for the popularity of this garment is thanks to the resurgence of 80s and 90s fashion. Due to the rise of leotards and bodysuits during the vibrant 80s decade, bodysuits became a staple piece in women’s fashion and only continues to rise in popularity. 

Swimsuits are the perfect alternative to a traditional bodysuit. In fact, they might even be a superior choice. The fabric on swimwear pieces like rash guards and midi tops is thick and durable, so it will last longer and keep you warm if you live in a colder climate. One-piece swimsuits are also designed to hug your figure in all the right places, so you know your swimwear-turned-bodysuit will flatter your body. 

Style It Right

You are guaranteed to get plenty of use out of your swimwear if you choose to give bodysuits a try. Bodysuits are extremely versatile and easy to style, so regardless of your individual sense of fashion, you will be able to curate several stylish outfits out of your one-piece swimsuit. 

Bodysuits are appropriate to wear for many different occasions as well. Whether you need to create a stylish activewear outfit, are dressing up for a girls' night out, or are just creating cute casual outfits, your converted bodysuit will make for the perfect staple piece. 

For a sexy style, opt for a plunge one-piece swimsuit. For something a little more casual opt for a halter top one piece. Either style will complement your figure and be a perfect centerpiece for your outfit. 

Once you have a cute, reliable bodysuit in your wardrobe, it becomes exceptionally easier coordinating outfits around that garment. When you repurpose your swimwear you can create looks that are stylish out of a swimsuit that you already know flatters you and matches your style. 

4 Swimsuit Outfits To Wear All Year Long

2. Sheer Outfits

Sheer tops, rompers, and matching sets are all the rage right now, and you should hop on the bandwagon too!

The only issue with sheer clothing is finding appropriate and comfortable ways to style them. Though some of us might be comfortable rocking sheer garments with nothing underneath, that does not align with everyone’s sense of style or levels of comfort. If you want to rock something sheer without exposing too much, you have come to the right place.

This is the perfect opportunity to whip out some of your favorite one-piece or two-piece swimwear and do some sheer outfit experimenting. 

A glamorous style that is everywhere at the moment is sheer dresses. Though an entirely sheer dress seems like a bold choice, it is also one that can be perfect for classy occasions if done well. For example, rocking a triangle bikini top and matching high-waisted bikini bottoms underneath a sheer ruffle dress or gown is a perfect way to style an outfit. It is sexy, but the black matches everything, is a classy shade, and will perfectly highlight your figure underneath the sheer garment. 

Retro sheer-topped beachwear is also extremely popular right now. You can follow the same advice as above and rock your favorite ruched bikini top underneath a sheer color block shirt, or you can try out other swimwear styles as well. For instance, you might want to try rocking a bandeau bikini top underneath a sexy floral-print sheer top. The neckline is flattering, and it gives you the chance to opt for straps or strapless.

Similarly, you can style a one-piece swimsuit underneath to hug your figure and provide a sexy outline underneath the sheer clothes. 

There are countless ways to style your favorite swimwear alongside sheer garments, so get to experimenting. 

3. Layering Opportunities With Trendy Women’s Swimsuits

A lot of fashion these days is about layering your clothes in a stylish way. You can layer flawlessly and curate some top-notch outfits just by incorporating your swimwear into your wardrobe year-round. 

Especially since the seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder, layering is more than just a stylistic choice, but a necessity to keep you warm. 

Try layering with sweaters this fall and winter. For something a little sexier, try rocking a bikini top underneath a button-up sweater. When you do this, you can keep yourself warm and stylish, while also teasing your body with a little exposure of the bikini. This style also looks flawless when you layer with a bikini underneath a button down shirt or flannel. 

Bring back the bodysuit idea mentioned above, and layer it! For instance, on a night out try a more punk-inspired outfit by rocking a black plunging one-piece swimsuit and then layer it with a leather jacket. The two styles will complement each other well, and it puts that swimwear of yours to good use. 

Jackets and swimwear are great ways to play around with layering techniques. Look sexy and chic with a bikini underneath a blazer, or rock a halter one-piece underneath a jean jacket for a casual outfit. You can also try layering cropped shirts, or tees with cutouts and rips to create an edgy look on top of your swimsuits. 

There are plenty of ways to experiment with layering, so grab some swimwear and have fun curating stylish outfits this fall and winter!

4 Swimsuit Outfits To Wear All Year Long

4. Cover-Ups Year Round

A swimwear must in the summertime is a reliable cover-up to layer over your favorite bikini set. Whether you are a long-sleeve kimono fan or prefer a flowy short-sleeve crochet tunic, they are necessary garments to layer over anyone or a two-piece swimsuit. Cover-ups are more swimwear staples that do not have to be limited to summertime. Rock your cover-up all year long.

Add a pop of color to your fall attire when you rock your kimono cover-up over your outfit. It is a playful alternative to a light jacket and will let you maintain your boho sense of style throughout all the seasons.

You can also choose to wear a cover-up swim dress all year long if you style it well. Add tights underneath and a stylish blazer or leather jacket on top and watch a swimwear staple transform into a cute, comprehensive outfit!

The same rule applies to other cover-ups, like tunics or caftans that you might wear over a high-cut tankini. Matching them with a cute pair of jeans, tights, or even leggings and a crop top t-shirt allows you to repurpose the garment and create outfits that are stylish regardless of the season. 

Year Round Style

Just because bathing suits are marketed and designed to be worn underwater, doesn’t mean that they have to be worn exclusively during the summer months or during tropical vacations. 

You can easily transform your favorite one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and even kimonos into stylish outfits that will spruce up your style regardless of the season. Don’t make your swimwear hide in a drawer for months on end; instead, find creative ways to incorporate them into your daily style!



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