How To Have a Spa Day by the Pool

You’ve always considered having a spa day by the pool, but you’ve also always wondered how to have one successfully. On your perfect spa day, you want to feel relaxed and have your senses heightened from head to toe. From creating the spa atmosphere to picking the right face mask, this list will help you relax by the pool for a spa full-day treatment. 

One of the biggest tips for a successful spa day is trying to clear your mind as best you can. It's hard to relax and have a successful spa day when your mind is full of worries and to-do lists. Open your mind to the possibility of true relaxation!

What To Wear

If you're about to embark on a poolside spa day or home spa experience, consider a comfy outdoor robe and comfortable slippers or sandals that you can wear near the pool.  

Also, consider a bathing suit that you can intermittently tan in when you're not painting your toes or using your at-home foot massager. If you're trying to have a poolside spa day, make sure to never dress too warm, as you don't want to worry about sweating or overheating. 

A lightweight bikini and a tie-up kimono or wrap are great options for your spa day by the pool. 

Create a Spa Atmosphere

To have a successful spa-like experience you want to create a relaxing atmosphere that will allow you to feel like you're actually at a spa. 

If you create the right atmosphere then you can pamper yourself in the right way and not think about other things that you have to do. Consider placing an essential oil diffuser next to your lounge chair so that you can feel misting the air with incredible natural scents wafting by you at any given moment.  

Make sure that you have a towel laid down that is comfortable for you to sit and lie on throughout your DIY spa day. Have plenty of water by your side and even a fresh fruit bowl that will cool you down while lying in and out of the sun. 

Consider having an umbrella set up next to you so that you can switch between the sun and the shade whenever you'd like. Having a spa day by the pool is all about catering to your needs, so make sure that you're at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

Another key to a successful spa day is having a multi-sensory experience. Consider what you'll be smelling, feeling, seeing, and touching throughout the day. 

Create a clean space for yourself so that you don't feel overwhelmed by the clutter around you.  Make sure that whatever you drink or eat during your spa day is comforting and delicious, like avocado toast with olive oil or tea with honey and brown sugar, and keep yourself at the right temperature throughout the day so that you don't overheat or get too chilly in the breeze. 

For your poolside spa day or spa night, have lavender underneath your lounge chair pillow. If you're laying out at all, it's nice to have a lavender scent under your spa pillow and above your towel so that your senses can relax just as much as your body is relaxing. 

Also, consider eucalyptus and lavender plants in a few vases around you or light incense with smells that calm you.

Light Candles

If incense is too much for you, and you'd rather not have smoke around your pool, consider super relaxing candle smells that will help you chill during home spa treatments

Lavender is a great scent that is always relaxing for the mind and body. Pine, vanilla, eucalyptus, and citrus aromas are also incredible for the senses. Honeysuckle, peppermint, jasmine, caramel, and frankincense are also popular candle smells that help calm your body. Sweet orange and Sage are other great suggestions for individuals that are trying to have an at-home spa day by the pool. 

Play Calming Music or Sounds

To create a truly relaxing space for yourself, play some calming music or sounds for your spa day. Flute music is very healing for the mind as are sounds of nature, piano, sounds of rain, and classical music. 

They are incredible playlists all over the internet that you can play through your phone and a speaker that will help create a sense of a spa atmosphere.  

If you're interested in meditative work while laying by the pool on your spa day, consider listening to Deepak Chopra and other meditation gurus. Whatever gets you out of your mind so that you can truly relax it's all that matters.

Meditate or Practice Yoga

Maybe meditation can be part of your poolside spa day. Consider an online yoga class to fit in for 30 minutes to an hour as you sit by the pool.  

Grab a pillow or a yoga mat and take a moment to meditate or even do yoga as a form of meditation for your spa day. Yoga increases circulation and helps stretch sore muscles for optimal relaxation.

Meditating and yoga can be hard, but you don't have to be an expert at all! Try beginner videos online for free. There are hundreds of options and they're ranked based on skill, so you can still feel like you're relaxing while moving through meditative mantras or yoga positions for stretching. Some videos are as short as five minutes! 

Set Up a Manicure and Pedicure Station

If you really want to relax into a spa day, consider setting up a simple manicure and pedicure station. You only need a couple of tools, trays for soaking your fingers, cuticles, and toes, the nail polishes you might want, and nail clippers.  

If you're not looking to put a color on your nails, consider a clear coat that will at least give your fingers and toes a slight shine. 

Consider Hair Treatments

For true head-to-toe treatment, consider a hair mask to make your hair feel and look healthier and softer. Wet your hair, apply a hair mask throughout it, and then place your hair in a shower cap to keep the process simple and mess-free. 

If your hair is naturally dry, a moisturizing hair mask or some coconut oil is the perfect trick for your poolside spa day. Pair a mask with scalp massages and then rinse away.

Lotion Up

Spa days are always wonderful to lotion up your body from head to toe. Body butter is great to truly moisturize your legs and arms, while your face deserves true hydrating attention with gel or water-based moisturizers. Consider applying oils to your skin as well to bring back some natural oils that might have been lost, and massage them into the skin to ease tension

Lay in the Sun and Read

Consider laying in the sun and reading for at least an hour of your spa day. Reading is a great way to relax and clear your head of any unwanted thoughts or distractions you may have.  Laying in the sun is also a great way to get the Vitamin D you need to stay healthy. 

Make sure to always wear enough sunscreen and keep fruit-infused water nearby so that you can feel hydrated and protected from the sun.

Fask Mask To Finish

A spa day is never complete without a full facial and face mask. If you're in need of total skin exfoliation, try an exfoliating mask. You can also do a sheet mask, a clay mask, or a cream mask

All these masks do different things for your skin, so make sure to read up on them before you choose the one for your poolside spa day.  

Your skin can never use too much hydration so we always suggest cream masks and gel masks. A pro tip on facemasks is to always read the ingredients—you don't want to end up with alcohol in your face mask as it will dry out your skin and even cause redness or irritation.

Don’t Forget To Relax

The key to an incredible poolside spa day is to remember to relax. Try to clear your mind as much as possible. Whether that means noise-canceling headphones, a two-hour facial, a soak in the hot tub, or even hiring an at-home masseuse for the day, do what works for you and for your budget.  

Especially if you have children, you deserve to relax and take this time for yourself. The past two years have been difficult for everyone, so consider a poolside spa day necessary for your mental and physical health. 

Whether you're more of a manicure and pedicure kind of woman, or you’re really just trying to read a book by the pool, consider this list as a guide to keeping your poolside spa day comfortable and personal. Lighting candles is always a great way to set the mood, so consider buying a few to create a spa atmosphere

You deserve to have a spa day,  or two, so try creating the right atmosphere for yourself so you can really relax. There's never been a better time to treat yourself to a moment of peace. 


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