Summer to Fall: 5 Transition Outfits To Try

We’ve all experienced that awkward seasonal transition period. One minute the weather is cool, then the next it is hot again. It can be tricky to navigate your wardrobe during this period — but La Blanca is here to help.

We know as well as anyone how frustrating it can be to dress during this transition of seasons, especially between summer and fall. Thankfully we have some helpful tricks and tips to dress for the quirky weather. 

There are many ways to navigate the fluctuating temperatures and look stylish while doing it. Keep reading to learn about our favorite transition outfits to try out this year as summer turns into autumn.

Swimsuit to Bodysuit 

After spending all summer long at the beach or by the pool, it can be hard to give up rocking your most sultry one-piece swimsuit. What if we told you that you don’t have to give it up entirely …

This year, turn your one-piece suit into a bodysuit! Bodysuits are all the rage these days. As the weather gets cooler, they can be a great way to start transitioning into warmer clothes without completely retiring your summer outfits. 

Sure, there is nothing like floating around the pool in your flattering one-piece swimsuit — but when pool weather fades away and autumn slowly approaches, you can repurpose that one-piece as a wardrobe staple. 

For example, when the weather is still warm but a cool breeze is starting to make its way into the day-to-day forecast, try pairing a plunging one piece swimsuit with a stylish pair of jeans. You will look fashionable and on-trend while still using pieces from your beloved summer ‘fits. 

Plunging one-piece swimsuits can also be the perfect going-out top for a night on the town with friends as the seasons transition. Coming in a multitude of shades and patterns, rock whatever one-piece flatters you most and incorporate it into your going-out wardrobe. 

Another great way to spice up your emerging fall wardrobe while still hanging on to summer trends is by rocking a ruffled bathing suit as a top. The Island Goddess Ruffle Surplice One Piece is the perfect swimsuit to rock as a top layer. The neckline is sultry without being too revealing, and the ruffle adds a playful element to make you stand out. 

There are countless ways to start incorporating one pieces and swimwear into your fall wardrobe — and they’re a ton of fun, too.

Layering To Prepare for Weather Changes

Welcome to that awkward period where the weather changes drastically throughout the day. With hot afternoons becoming chilly evenings, it can feel impossible to create the best possible outfits for bizarre temperatures.

When the weather is ever-changing and unpredictable, layering is the best way to be prepared for any scenario. Adding layers to your outfits gives you plenty of wiggle room to add or remove garments as the day progresses. 

Simply carrying a sweater around with you is an easy way to add or remove a layer as the weather shifts throughout the day. 

For instance, the mornings might be cool, calling for the swimsuit worn as a bodysuit with a cute cardigan on top. Then as the morning becomes afternoon and the temperature rises, you can remove the sweater to reveal your swimsuit-turned-bodysuit and adapt to the shift in weather. 

Layers don’t have to strictly refer to sweaters, though. Try rocking a long sleeve under a short sleeve shirt to add some extra warmth in the morning that can easily be removed as the day goes on. You can even put layers of t-shirts underneath an oversized dress.

Try incorporating undergarments with higher necklines into your wardrobe to prepare for your layering adventure. Those cuts are perfect for chilly weather and provide comfort — and the sooner you can bring them into your outfits, the easier it will be for you to start rocking them on a day-to-day basis once fall is in full swing. 

When it comes to layering, your options are endless. There are countless ways you can add or remove garments that make this awkward weather transitional period more bearable and more fashion forward.

It’s Maxi Skirt Season

Don’t feel like you have to give up skirts entirely during this odd season. Though mini skirts might be harder to take out on the town, you can still rock a maxi or midi skirt to add some necessary length (and warmth) to your outfit without giving up the flowy, summertime appeal of skirts.

Even on chillier autumn nights, you can add a fun pop of color to your look with a pair of tights under your skirt. That way, you can hang on to your summer color scheme while dressing appropriately for the change in temperature. 

If you’d prefer to lean into the fall aesthetic while still wearing clothes that are right for the season, try grabbing a maxi skirt that comes in earth tones and autumn colors. Dull shades of orange and green look adorable on skirts, and they’ll fully prepare you for the impending joys of autumn. 

Skirts with slits in the front are perfect for this transitional period. The slit will keep your style light and breezy as summer comes to a close, but the skirt’s length will similarly get you ready to fully transition into your fall wardrobe. 

Skirts flow and provide some much needed breeze during the summer, and maxi/midi skirts allow you to continue taking advantage of that airflow, while transitioning into longer garments with more full coverage, which will quickly become a necessity once autumn has fully arrived.


Over the past few decades, we have seen athleisure continue to rise in popularity; these days, almost every streetwear trend includes an element of athleisure. Thankfully, numerous athletic trends can be easily shifted from summer to fall. 

If you love matching sports bras and biker shorts, there’s no need to fret when the temperatures drop. Instead, try out a long pair of leggings instead of biker shorts. You will still look sporty and summery with your cute bra and exposed midriff while still dressing practically for the changing weather. 

For those cool, end-of-summer evenings by the fire, rock a matching sweatsuit. Sweats are always in style these days, and you can fully embrace the sweatsuit lifestyle as fall quickly approaches. 

A great way to transition into sweatshirts without fully committing to cold weather clothes is by rocking a stylish hoodie with a tennis skirt and sneakers. You will look sporty and chic, and you’ll be perfectly styled for the current season. 

Plus, if you happen to get a bit toasty, you can simply remove the sweatshirt — layers come to the rescue once again!

Athleisure trends leave a lot of legroom to prepare for the change of seasons. Though the weather might be awkward, there is so much flexibility and versatility with athletic clothes that you can always look on-trend.

Fall Color Scheme

Though the temperature might still be warm and the leaves haven’t started changing colors yet, you can prepare for the next season by adding fall colors to your wardrobe. 

Autumn has a specific color scheme that can be very easy to navigate. Earth tones are crucial for that spooky time of year, so be sure to incorporate plenty of browns, greens, and beiges into your transitional outfits. 

Colors make it easier to remain flexible with your wardrobe while still being seasonally appropriate. Though the shades of your garments will scream fall, the actual style can continue to include summertime elements. 

For example, flowy maxi dresses are very reminiscent of summertime and the beach — but if you can lock down a solid maxi dress that comes in a darker shade, or an earth tone, you can help yourself gear up for autumn without giving up the last traces of summer weather. 

Darker shades of red, black, and even gray can be very complimentary come autumn. The dark colors match the weather and tone of fall perfectly. As summer closes and you prepare for the impending chilly season, start incorporating those shades into your closet. 

Now, you will be fully prepared for the next fashion transition once fall actually arrives. 

Transition To Fall With Style

Awkward changes in weather and the drastically different fashion staples of summer to fall can make it feel challenging to shift your wardrobe. With our list of transitional outfits to try, we hope to make the change in fashion as simple and stylish as possible. 

There are many simple tips and tricks to start incorporating into your wardrobe as summer winds down. Give our favorite summer to fall transition outfits a try, and enter the new season with style. 



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