7 Cruise Destinations To Set Sail To

You deserve a break, so why not hop on a cruise for your next relaxing vacation? 

Cruises have it all: endless food, around-the-clock entertainment, cozy sleeping quarters, and gorgeous destination locations! Every vacation should have elements of fun, rest, and beautiful views, and a cruise will tick off all of those boxes. 

Everyone has different ideas about the perfect vacation destination, but we’re here to provide some of the best options for any kind of traveler. 

Craving a tropical locale like Bermuda or Hawaii? Dreaming of a European getaway? Or are you looking to shake it up with a trip up north to the Alaskan coast? Your choices are endless — you just have to pick which one you’ll hit first. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best cruise destinations to set sail to, and start planning your dream vacation ASAP!

The Bahamas 

There is no cruise ship destination more iconic than the Bahamas and for good reason! Get a taste of the Caribbean experience, and live lavishly on a transatlantic cruisetour.

The Bahamas is a gorgeous, tropical destination with natural beauty that will leave you feeling both restored and fulfilled. The people are kind, the beaches are unbeatable, and the cuisine is delicious. 

If your dream cruise vacation involves lounging at the beach, then look no further. The Bahamas are known for its stunning white sand beaches and some of the clearest water on the planet. The Bahamas has one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, so this is the perfect destination to engage in fun oceanic activities like snorkeling. 

The weather in the Bahamas is sunny and warm year-round, so no matter what time of year works best for your trip, you are guaranteed to be able to rock your favorite sultry one piece swimsuit at any point in the year. 

Caribbean cruises are extremely common, so you will have no problem pinpointing the right cruise line for your journeys. 

One of the most reputable lines to travel with is Royal Caribbean. With rates starting at $121 per person, you are on the right track to set sail and soak up the sun on your cruise to the Bahamas!

Mediterranean Cruise

Are you craving a taste of Europe but still want to enjoy a lavish, coastal vacation? If that sounds like your dream getaway, you must consider a Mediterranean cruise. 

Mediterranean countries are areas that border the Mediterranean Sea, like Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. Each cruise has a unique itinerary, so choose which Mediterranean country (or countries) you are most interested in visiting and go from there. 

Are you a history lover with an appreciation for all things ancient? Take a cruise of Greece and Israel for a unique, beautiful, and educational experience! On this trip, you will be able to experience the ancient civilizations of both countries while chowing down on delicious Grecian and Israeli cuisine and being able to float around the Dead Sea. 

For a more tropical European feel, set sail around the coast of Italy and Croatia for an unforgettable experience. Windstar Cruises offers an incredible itinerary, taking you along the Italian coast from Venice to Rome with stops in between. 

With a trip to the Mediterranean, you can enjoy the beautiful historic villages and cities from these European coastal towns, soak up the sun, and eat some of the best authentic foods you’ll be dreaming about for years to come.

Alaskan Cruise

Your vacations don’t have to be all about lounging on beaches and taking in tropical sceneries. In fact, some of the most memorable trips are the more unconventional ones, which is why an Alaskan cruise has to be added to your bucket list. 

A trip to Alaska will best serve anyone with a love and appreciation for the world's natural wonders. Alaska’s backdrop is surreal and breathtaking — explore the glaciers, icebergs, and incredible wildlife that Alaska offers at the Glacier Bay National Park. 

Next, wander around the beautiful cities of Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway. Learn about gold rush lore, enjoy some fresh seafood, and simply take in the wondrous sights that the largest state in America has to offer. 

Pack your camera and your comfiest loungewear and get ready to set sail on the trip of a lifetime with an Alaska cruise.

Southeast Asia

There is nowhere on the planet quite as vibrant and beautiful as Southeastern Asian destinations. If you are eager to explore the wonder that is Asia, you are in luck! 

Explore Southeast Asia with a cruise to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. There are countless reasons why the Indochina region of the world should be at the top of your dream vacation list, and such a cruise will allow you to get a feel for all the incredible things that the continent has to offer. 

Experience the immense, archaic architecture by exploring sights like Angkor Wat and Wat Arun in Bangkok. You will be blown away by the vast history that surrounds the entirety of these countries. 

You’ll also want to take advantage of the incredible cuisine. Asain food is some of the most popular take-out options in Western countries, and you will be on cloud nine when you taste authentic Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese street food. 

Plus, you will even get a slice of a tropical destination getaway when you reach the coast of Thailand. Phuket is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, and you will have the opportunity to relax on the sand and enjoy the Thai ocean waves.

New England Cruise

Are you looking for something on a smaller scale that will still provide you with a unique and exciting experience? Try a cruise around New England!

New England is filled with beautiful, historic cities and incredible views. Explore the lovely architecture and fascinating history of the United States’ origins in the city of Boston. Then, set sail to the gorgeous coastal towns of Maine. 

Maine is filled with quaint beaches, delicious lobster, and beautiful mountains. Are you a Stephen King connoisseur? Take an excursion to Derry, Maine, for a spooky, informative tour of King’s home and the inspiration for many of his terrifying tales. 

If you are interested in a summertime trip, this tour is for you because of the beautiful coastal cities with delightful New England beaches. Still, a New England cruise would be the perfect getaway for anyone with a passion for autumn. 

The foliage and leaf-peeping opportunities in New England are unbeatable. Plus, if you want to take advantage of the Halloween season, you can even sneak off into the historic port of Salem, Massachusetts, and enjoy the Halloween activities and fascinating history of the Salem Witch Trials

Put on your cutest activewear and take advantage of the hiking trails, scenery, and fun activities to partake in all around New England on your next vacation.


Mexico is a country with stunning beaches, excellent food, and a rich history. It is the perfect destination for your extravagant cruise vacation. 

Check out places like Baja, Mexico, and soak up the sun on the flawless beaches. Try snorkeling and floating around the sea for a relaxing, fun-filled cruise. 

You can also take longer cruise vacations to get the full Mexican experience, exploring historic and beautiful cities like Oaxaca and Mexico City. You might also want to take a cruise that allows you to explore the archaic ruins of the Mayan civilization.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime and eat your way through the beautiful country with a Mexican cruise.

Northern Europe 

Finally, the best option for anyone obsessed with green landscapes, chilly weather, and European history, a cruise around Northern Europe is made for you. 

Take a tour of the British Isles and enjoy the rich culture and beautiful sights of Ireland, Scotland, and England. Are you a beer lover? Take a tour of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, and get some authentic brews. 

Walk through the historic streets of Edinburgh and tour Edinburgh Castle, and learn all about fascinating UK history. 

Then, journey to England and explore the city of London. Walk around the world-class art galleries, partake in a high tea, and check out Buckingham Palace. London is a city with many fun tourist attractions like the London Eye, as well as fun hole-in-the-wall experiences like local pubs. 

Northern European tours also explore beautiful countries like Iceland, the fjords of Norway, and Sweden. A world cruise can also give you access to these iconic locations, as well as countless other ports of call.

Wherever you opt to cruise to in the north of Europe, expect to leave with unforgettable memories and a richer understanding of European history. It will be one trip of a lifetime that you will never regret. 

Other Cruise Destinations To Explore

If you’re looking for somewhere else to sail to, consider the following equally iconic cruise itineraries:

  • Embark on a Panama Canal river cruise 
  • Visit Miami, Florida, and the surrounding islands
  • Visit the South Pacific — with access to Australia, New Zealand, and even Antarctica 
  • Take a South America cruise with shore excursions to see rainforests, waterfalls, and more

Set Sail Today!

If you are in need of some rest and adventure, a cruise is just what you need. 

Whether you want to set sail to the Bahamas for a relaxing, tropical vacation, or you want to explore Asia in all of its glory, you can do so by setting sail on a cruise. Take fun excursions, throw on your favorite swimsuit, and enjoy the best getaway of your life!



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