8 Flattering Swimsuit Colors That Aren't Black

Feeling good in your swimsuit is a super important part of a vacation experience. We all want to feel good and confident when we put on our bathing suits and head to the beach. While black is known for being a universally flattering color there are plenty of other colors that do just as good of a job but can brighten things up and diversify your closet at the same time!

We know that black is a classic color and that it’s been a wardrobe staple for years. We’re not saying you have to fully ditch your black suits; just try out some new shades and see if any of them feel good enough to rock to the beach! So if you’re ready to branch out into other flattering colors that aren’t black keep reading because we’re going over which colors you should go for!

Dark Purple

This shade is a great place to start to step away from black and into color. A flattering color on any and all skin tones, it will give you the same classic feel as black but with a more unique and even royal touch. Look for swimming pieces with deep v-necks for an extra complimentary bathing suit. You can also have fun mixing and matching deep purple bottoms with lighter tops, such as playing around with styling lavender shades for a contrasting look that is still cohesive.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is another beautiful, rich color that perfectly subs in for black. On the darker end of the spectrum, its bluish-green hue is just as flattering, versatile, and reliable as black. It easily alludes to nature, through its name’s origin, the precious gemstone, as well as sharing the same color as tropical foliage.

Since emerald green is a reliable color it is a great option to mix and match with other colors or with lighter shades of green. Try matching an emerald green bottom with a lettuce green top for a fun contrasting look.

Navy or Royal Blue

Navy or royal blue are probably the most obvious and instinctive shade to go for when swapping out your black swimsuits. A classic shade within itself, these darker shades of blue are equally dynamic and dreamy as they are flattering.

Generally going for blue is a great option given the many different shades available and how close it can visually look to black, especially if you’re not ready for colors that could be considered more out there!

If dark blue is the way you want to go check out our Island Goddess High Neck Keyhole One Piece. A sexy high neck number with a keyhole cutout detail and all-over ruching that couldn’t be any more flattering.


The perfect mix of red and brown gives us a rich deep red hue. A maroon swimsuit can be just as flattering as your trusty black swimsuit and much like black and blue it’s a color that can easily stand the test of time. Maroon suits look great in any style, try out suits with low-cut backs and high necklines for the full effect.

You can also play around with the adjacent maroon shades you can find and have fun mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms in the same color but with different shades.

Burnt Orange

Another super flattering color to add to your swimwear closet is burnt orange. The perfect combination of on-trend and versatile, this shade can be the perfect way to branch out while still wearing a color that is just as flattering as black. An added plus is that this color also looks great during golden hour, so if you’re looking to renew your socials on your next vacation you’ve found the perfect look!

Our Island Goddess Ruffle Surplice One Piece is a classic and romantic option that beautifully flatters anyone with its gorgeous ruffle neckline detail. Or try our Island Goddess Over the Shoulder Wrap Top and Island Goddess Crossover High Waist Bottom for a beautiful bikini option.


Another shade that is somewhat in the blue family, it depends who you ask, we’re now starting to get into the more out-there colors. You might think that just because turquoise is bolder it ends up not flattering you as much, but that’s not true! It’s obviously a shade you’ll want to wear if standing out is ok with you but it can be just as flattering! It’s a color that is naturally found at the beach in the seawater so it will fit flawlessly into the environment.

Our Island Goddess Off Shoulder Ruffle One Piece is a great example of a turquoise suit that fits like a dream and accentuates all the right things. With an off-the-shoulder ruffle detail and the bright and bold, vivid bluish-green color you can’t go wrong.

Bright Pink

Bright pink will instantly give you a tanned (just don’t forget your sunscreen) and confident look, and if that isn’t flattering we don’t know what is. Get inspired with this 80’s favorite for a color that looks good on any skin tone. Let yourself have fun with this shade and try out different looks with other fun colors.

We’ve got the perfect bright pink suit for all your new colorful adventures! The Island Goddess Bandeau Mio is the perfect naturally flattering suit with its belted waist and removable straps. This style in bright pink is the best combination for a complimentary swimsuit that screams summer as soon as you see it, and it’ll definitely get you in the summer mood!

Capri Blue

Another super flattering blue shade is Capri blue. This vibrant shade of blue might be a little more understated than its turquoise counterpart but it’ll still make more of a statement than a dark blue bathing suit.

If you’re looking for a color that isn’t too loud but also doesn’t make you go unnoticed this is the one for you! This color looks great at any point of your vacation as well so it’s also a foolproof option!

Check out our Island Goddess Lace Back One Shoulder One Piece in Capri Blue and you'll instantly be thinking about the next vacation you’re going on!

Color Is the New Black

We can fully understand that the temptation of always going for a black bathing suit is real, but with all these flattering colors you’ll be feeling the rainbow vibes in no time! Now you have no more excuses to go for your black suits over and over again. Dare to try out a little color and you just might find that it’s actually your new favorite suit!

We just know that any of these colors will look absolutely stunning and help you start expanding your wardrobe. Whether you’re used to wearing color and just want to find your next swimsuit purchase or are an all-black, all day, everyday type of person we’ve covered all the range of flattering colors you can try out to replace the typical black suit.

When you’ve got your new colorful suit, you’re all set to head to the beach, relax and enjoy the confidence it gives you!

Head over to our website to see what’s in stock and start looking through our colorful swimwear options. Shop all the styles at La Blanca, and find your perfect color suit without the risk when you enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all orders over $79.


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