13 Solves for Awkward Swimsuit Fit Problems

Heading to the beach in a new swimsuit is always a fun day! What isn’t as fun is all the weird swimsuit fit issues that can come along with getting your new outfit. From one-pieces lacking in the curves department and bikini bottoms looking saggy, there are different issues we all come across when heading to the beach because of our bathing suits. 

But don’t despair; there are solutions to your problems! It’s all about picking the right swimsuit for your body and that doesn’t create the issues you’re struggling with. We’re going over some common issues and how you can fix them by changing up the style of bikini or one-piece you’re sporting to the beach. Give these a try and you’ll see any issue you have will be a thing of the past (and you’ll barely even remember it was ever something you worried about)! 

Problem: Weird Tan Lines

Solution: Suits with surprising cutouts, crazy straps, and wild patterns have been all the rage in recent years—your Instagram feed can attest to it! While bold suits make a statement, they can also leave you with unattractive tan lines. Whether you’re trying to even out the effects of these suits or avoid them in the first place, try a strapless one-piece suit or bandeau top with removable straps to keep an even tan all summer long. And don't forget to apply plenty of sunscreen!

Problem: Straps Digging Into Your Skin

Solution: If your bikini top straps are digging into your shoulders, it's time to go up a size. The top is probably too small. You can also opt for a bikini top style with thicker straps or a stylish halter top that ties around your neck.

Problem: A Bikini That Shows More Skin Than You'd Like

Solution: Bikinis are known for being the bathing suit that lets you bare all. The problem is, sometimes you feel like baring less, and that's okay, too. Swap your triangle bikini top for a midkini, tankini, or off-the-shoulder crop top in a solid color that coordinates with your current bikini bottom. Or, keep the bikini top and swap the bottom out for a high-waisted bottom, swim shorts, or a swim skirt.

Problem: Fitting Room Fatigue

Solution: Not a fan of trying on swimsuits in the store? You’re not alone. For a more comfortable shopping experience, look online. You can peruse this season’s hottest looks from the comfort of your couch and have them shipped directly to you without ever having to step foot in a crowded mall or dressing room. 

And no need to worry about finding the right fit online. Just break out a tape measure, check the charts, and you’ll be good to go! Follow our women’s swimsuit size guide for extra tips on finding the perfect bathing suit size.

Problem: Not Enough Support

Solution: We all need a little extra support sometimes, from our husbands to our friends, our high-heeled shoes to our swimsuit tops! Look for swimsuit tops with underwire and wide, adjustable straps to help keep your girls exactly where you want them.

Problem: Feeling flat

Solution: For small-busted women, finding a bikini top that keeps its shape and stays in place can be tricky. The easiest fix is a classic for a reason: padding. Tops like the gorgeous In The Moment Bra Top are made to flatter and offer a little extra oomph.

Problem: Belly Bloat

Solution: We all get a little bloated sometimes. Whether it’s from PMS, dehydration, or that once-in-a-lifetime conch burger at lunch, bloat happens. For a flattering fit from any angle, choose a suit with ruching or draping around the middle. Our favorite? The Island Goddess Bandeau One Piece. A darker shade is even more forgiving.

Problem: Athletic Wardrobe Malfunction

Solution: Summertime sports are fun! Wardrobe malfunctions aren’t. Play worry-free as you surf, dive, snorkel, and swim this summer with a full-coverage swimsuit. High-neck swimsuits, as well as those with a racerback or crisscross design, offer the best support. Steer clear of suits that rely on string ties or offer narrow coverage if you plan on being particularly active.

Problem: High Waisted Bottoms Look Like Diapers

Solution: If you’re looking to rock a high-waisted bottom but feel like it seems a little too much like a diaper we have some tips for you! A great way to avoid this issue is looking for a high-waisted bottom with side cutouts

This will create negative space making it look less blocky and like a diaper. Another great option is going for a style that has a high-cut and a V-cut waist. These subtle changes in the cut of the bikini bottom’s pattern will dramatically influence how it fits you. Having these angled lines creates more movement for the eye to follow and it’ll avoid the diaper look.  

Problem: Shortened Legs

Solution: Making your legs look longer is actually pretty simple. To achieve longer-looking limbs try playing the cuts and proportions of your bathing suits. One of the best solutions for making your legs look longer is opting for a high-cut bottom

This higher cut at the leg will draw the eye upwards and show more skin, giving the illusion of longer legs. Tie-string bottoms are another great solution for lengthening your legs. The smaller side section on this style of swim bottom will again, show off more skin and overall give the appearance of a smaller-looking bikini bottom.  

Problem: One-Pieces Lack Curves

Solution: One-pieces are one of the most comfortable swimwear options you can pick to sport to the beach. That being said, sometimes they can fall short in providing you with curves if you’re lacking in that department naturally. In these cases, there are a couple of styles that will be your best friends if you want to add some movement to your body while still rocking a one-piece. 

A great solution for this issue is swimsuits with belts, especially when they are ruched. This will draw attention to the center of your body and the ruching will create texture and movement for the eye to follow, creating the illusion of curves! If you’re feeling a little more daring, going for a piece with cut-outs is a great way to create movement, drawing the eye towards your center and allowing for negative space. 

Still following the same concept of creating movements through the cut of your swimsuit, a one-shoulder piece with an angled cut through the body and opposing angled stripes is yet another fantastic option to try out to achieve a curvier look. 

Problem: Wide Shoulders and Small Chest

Solution: If you have wide shoulders and are looking to reduce their appearance slightly there are a couple of tricks you can use to give off the aspect of a slimmer width. In this case, you want to draw the eye’s attention upwards, almost as if creating a triangle shape pointing towards your head. For this High-Neck bikini tops are great. 

By going upwards, these lines are going in the opposite directions of the wider part you’re trying to conceal. Another style that works well, in this case, is the halter triangle top style. This style also follows the idea of creating lines that draw attention upwards. This style is especially good if you have a small chest since the triangle sections tend to be super adjustable to your own body.   

Problem: Tie-String Bottoms Look Saggy

Solution: While tie-string bottoms are great in some cases they do have their cons. Due to its string-tied nature, it’s very susceptible to wardrobe malfunctions by coming undone or just losing over time. This loosening can quickly make it seem that your bikini bottom is sagging, which is not a cute look! 

Of course, your first step can be tying the strings tighter. If you’re still struggling after this try out a Hipster bikini bottom instead. The full band that hugs the hips will make you feel a lot more secure and avoid any unwanted drooping. If you’re still looking for the tie detail of the tie-string bikini, look for a bottom that has a faux tie detailing. This will give you added security but still with that extra little detail. 


While swimwear can come with some annoying issues they are most easily fixed by looking for the right bathing suits for you! So next time you’re looking for your new piece remember that there are solutions to the problems you might come across. Just looking for a different style than you’re used to and giving it a try may make a world of a difference! 

Above all, remember it’s all about how you feel about what you’re wearing so make sure you are feeling comfortable and confident in your new suit! With these solves to your issues, you’re more than ready for your next beach trip! 



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