What Swimsuit Style Are You? The Ultimate Guide

We all identify with different styles of swimsuits. You might prefer something that has more coverage or a look that lets you tan away all day. There are simply so many types of swimsuit styles: cutout, high-waisted, underwire bikini, ruched, full coverage, high-neck, high-cut, strapless, one-shoulder, monokini, retro, ruffles, strappy, hipster, cheeky, two-piece swimsuit, tummy control, wetsuit, and more.

The list literally goes on and on, so you can rest assured you can find a swimsuit that matches your vibes (and body type), whether that’s lounging in a bikini set working on your tan lines, playing in the sand, or going for a swim.

No matter what your preference, we've got the summer looks for you. We’ve gathered multiple combos you can wear and divided them into three categories, from “Least Coverage” to “Most Coverage”. Which level of coverage do you fall into? And which bathing suit combo is your favorite? Keep reading to find out!

Least Coverage

Bikini Two-Piece

Why keep to one style when you can switch it up every time you go to the pool? If you're a social swimmer, mixing and matching multiple bikini tops and bottoms is the quickest and easiest method to keep your water wardrobe new.

Regardless of what you're wearing, you can be guaranteed that the vibrant colors and great fit of your women's swimsuit will last for numerous summers. Bikini styles are for women who prefer not to wear a cover-up and show some skin. Triangle bikini tops are great for this.

Bikini Top and Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are an excellent way to get a bit of additional coverage in an outfit that generally exposes plenty of skin in the sun. Swim shorts are as light and comfortable as your favorite swim briefs or sports shorts but are made from high-quality swimming fabric that makes them appropriate to sport for a dip in the water. Grab a couple of pairs in a variety of fashionable colors and designs so you can change up your beach or poolside style whenever the desire strikes!

Bikini Top and Swim Skirt

Add a cute swim skirt to your favorite women's two-piece swimwear for a flirty and fun flare! In addition to providing sun protection, our swim skirts provide a stylish alternative to traditional two-piece bottoms for days when swimming is not required.

When you have a fashionable swim skirt (and matching swim top) in your closet, it's simple to pull together a smart outfit for sitting by the pool with friends or enjoying a stroll along the beach. If you do decide to go for a swim, your skirt will not slow you down.

Tankini and Bikini Bottoms

By switching out your favorite bikini top with a beautiful tankini top, you can give your beloved bikini look a new spin! Our tankinis come in a variety of trendy colors and designs and multiple different gorgeous neckline styles.

They feature both looser and curve-hugging fits, and, of course, are easy to mix and match with any sort of swim bottoms (from a high-waisted bikini to boyshorts and everything in between) you could ever want. For a one-piece feel but the freedom of changing up the colors and patterns of the top and bottom go for a traditional bikini bottom.

One-Piece Suit

A one-piece suit is a reliable and trustworthy piece. There are few swim outfits that are as elegant and timeless as a one-piece bathing suit! Nowadays there are so many different styles, colors, patterns, designs, and more which means having a boring one-piece is a thing of the past.

Show off your curves while staying sun-safe with more sun coverage. They are great for the more sporty kind that enjoys staying active at the beach, making sure you're staying comfortable and confident while swimming, surfing, or water skiing!

More Coverage

Tankini and Swim Shorts

All active swimmers, as well as anyone who prefers a little additional coverage when out in the summer heat, should go for a tankini and swim short combo. You'll be ready for anything with your tankini and swim shorts, whether you're swimming laps, playing beach volleyball, chasing the kids through the sprinkler, or simply relaxing at the lake. This outfit is just as comfy as your favorite women's tank top and athletic shorts, but it still lets you head into the water if you wish. As a result, this swimsuit is ideal for days spent both on land and in the water!

Tankini and Swim Skirt

If flirty and fun is your calling but you're looking for extra coverage, then a stunning tankini and swim skirt set will steal the show at your next summer pool party. Any of our tankinis, whether they're in a bandeau shape, or halter, or have a flowing pattern to match your skirt, will look great with a sophisticated swim skirt. Whatever you select, you'll be able to swim in style and confidence.

Rash Guard and Bikini Bottoms

If you’re looking for extra coverage up top but don’t need it on the bottom, go for a rash guard and bikini bottom combo! When it comes to sun protection at the beach or pool, rashguards are essential.

Extra coverage is always a good idea, especially when it's moisture-wicking, soft to the touch, and available in a variety of designs and colors to match any personality or swim attire. With so many styles to choose from, you're sure to discover a modest rash guard and bikini bottoms set that you'll want to wear on your next beach vacation!

Swim Dress

If looking like a mermaid or a princess has been a hidden dream of yours, the swim dress will have you looking as sophisticated and fashionable as ever in this one-piece suit. This swimsuit not only makes you seem elegant in the water, but it's also a stylish look you can wear on the boardwalk, to a restaurant after your swim, or to a late-night pool party. Swim dresses are also great since they offer up more coverage, keeping you protected while relaxing in the summer sun.

One-Piece and Shorts

If you’re a one-piece gal but wish it had more coverage or was more comfortable for higher intensity activities at the beach, change up your classic one-piece swimsuit look while also adding some extra coverage adding a chic pair of swim shorts over your bathing suit! Styling your look this way is great to shake up your beach attire without having to give up your favorite one-piece bathing suit.

There is such a variety of different styles and patterns of women’s swim shorts to pick from, that you'll be wanting to wear a different pair for each summer occasion, and you'll surely find one to go with every summer situation.

Most Coverage

Rash Guard and Swim Shorts

If you’re always on the go and want extra coverage all over you can't go wrong with a rash guard and swim shorts pair for both on and off the water activities. This combo pairing, just like your favorite women's t-shirts and sports shorts, will keep you comfortable in the hot summer sun without being bulky or weighing you down at the same size.

We won't tell if you go ahead and work out in them. It's a comfy outfit whether you're wearing a swimsuit or not. The bonus is that you can actually go for a swim in them too!

Rash Guard and Swim Skirt

Protect your skin from the sun this summer with a trendy yet protective swimsuit that you'll adore. If you want to be protected when under the summer sun but also want a women's swimming suit that shows off your personality in bright colors or elegant designs and patterns, this is the swimsuit for you.

Tired of wearing the same swimsuit every time you go to the beach? Rash guards and swim skirts may be effortlessly mixed and matched with other shirts and bottoms, as well as items from your own closet. This is a great combo if you're looking for that extra protection but with a feminine and flirty feel to it!


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