Winter Swimsuits for the Ultimate Getaway

Winter brings chilly temperatures, which isn't exactly what you think of when you think of swimming in bikini bottoms or a summery striped top with a high neck and cutout. Since we identify swimwear with summer sun and sandy beaches, the majority of us buy our swimsuits in the spring and summer. If you haven't ever thought of buying a winter swimsuit, you're missing out! There are a variety of reasons why now is one of the greatest times of year to buy a new swimsuit.

There is also plenty of women’s swimwear that is better suited for a winter getaway. From simply escaping the cold weather to plunging right into freezing water we’re covering all the different types of winter-ready women’s swimsuits and what they’re good for.

Winter Swimming Activities

After the new year hits, swimming is an excellent method to keep active. It's a high-intensity, high-accessibility, low-impact workout. It strengthens muscles while being gentle on your bones and joints. It's an excellent cardiovascular workout that works the entire body.

Swimming also has a positive effect on your attitude and mental health. Besides this, swimming throughout the year can also make sure that your body is in top physical condition all year long. Swimming is one of the finest ways to achieve fitness objectives throughout the winter.

Year-round swimmers will also be able to tell you how there are many different swimming activities to take part in during the winter, some of which one might not realize are available options. Indoor heated pools are available at many gyms. Even in the coldest months of the year or in northern spots like New York, heading to a hot tub is always appreciated.

You might also just be planning a tropical getaway for the winter, or better yet, visiting hot springs for some much-needed relaxation with your gal pals. Nothing beats hopping in the car and driving out to the middle of nowhere to visit a hot spring in the dead of winter! The cooler the temperature, the better. Just remember to bring a swimsuit cover to warm up afterward.

Regardless of what you’ll be getting up to already in the books, there might always pop up a last-minute trip that requires a swimsuit. To avoid stressing at the last moment to find the right suit, already having one on hand will make things a lot simpler. This also goes for if you just decide to take an impromptu trip somewhere where a winter swimsuit will come in handy.

Winter Swimsuits

While you’re free to sport whatever swimsuit you’d like, there are some suits or styles of suits that are better to opt for during the colder months.

The One-Piece Swimsuit

You might be thinking of your razorback from high school swim team and it's not that it isn't the appropriate attire for an opulent winter getaway, but we can surely do better than that. Instead, treat yourself to a new one-piece swimsuit that highlights your beach body's best features. Strut confidently down the sandy beaches in a bathing suit that flatters your figure by complimenting your natural curves and enhancing your self-assurance.

Go for bright colors or color block designs that reflect your personality and attitude. Whether you're looking for all-over control or just a little flair, with so many designs and styles to pick from, we're confident you'll discover the one-piece swimsuit that's right for you.

The Two-Piece Swimsuit

If you prefer two-piece swimwear, then you'll enjoy our next suggestions for bikini bathing suits. Enjoy some sun while wearing a two-piece that you can mix and match. Alternatively, make some waves with a suit that's lively and helps you combat the winter blues.

Our Mediterranean Breeze Bandeau Midkini Top and Mediterranean Breeze High Waist Bottom are the perfect matching pair to get over any low winter spirits.

The Sun Protection Swimsuit

We know tanning can be a nice part of a holiday but for those that are more sensitive to the sun, it can become quite a painful experience. If you do burn more easily, opt for a long sleeve rash guard or a swim shirt instead.

This is especially prudent if you’re vacationing in the middle of the winter when you’re at your most pale. For extra sun protection don’t forget to pack your sunhat, some good cover-ups, and a trusty sunscreen of course.

The Tropics Of Tropez Half Zip Rashguard is a great option for those that don’t get along with the sun that well. The tropical pattern is perfect for any winter getaway to the sun.

Warm Surf Suits

The warm surf suit is the best option if you’re planning on practicing any water sports in cold waters. There are many styles available that can fit exactly what you need, from single-piece designs to front-zipper styles to tankini versions, you’re covered.

These normally feature long sleeves and fully covered legs, providing full-body coverage that helps keep the warmth in. The suits are generally made from neoprene or rubber for high insulation factor, but can also be found in common swimsuit materials.


A tankini is a great option for a winter getaway. The perfect mix between a swimsuit and a bikini top, it offers the coverage needed to keep the warmth retained through covering your torso. Simultaneously, it allows for mixing and matching like a bikini top. It’s a super flattering option that defines and highlights the best of your figure.

Check out our Ocean Oasis Keyhole Tankini Top. This style is sure to keep you both warm and secure for any crazy water adventures.


The monokini is essentially a joined version of a bikini but with less coverage than a bathing suit. It generally is connected by a fabric link down the center of the piece and lets you show off a little more skin than the traditional one-piece. It’s a good retro style that will keep you a little bit warmer than a full-on two-piece.

Full Body Cover Swimsuits

The full-body cover swimsuit can come with or without any interior lining. These are also commonly known as winter swimsuits given that they keep the body warm. Winter swimsuits aren’t typically as minimal coverage as bikinis tend to be so it’s normal for most of your body to be covered up. Their aim is to keep you nice and warm in any colder weather climates you venture out to.


With the variety available on our website, we’re certain you’ll be able to find the perfect bathing suit option for a winter getaway. Whether you're heading to warmer climates or venturing out into cold weather winter sports, we’ve got you covered.

Shop all the styles at La Blanca, and find your perfect winter suit!


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