Avoid The Sag: What La Blanca Swimsuits Are Made Of

We’ve all been there: You come out of the pool in your freshly-soaked swimsuit only to discover that your bottoms are sagging. The entire suit feels stretched out, and your confidence plummets. 

You’re supposed to feel sultry and confident on the beach with your friends, but that can be difficult when your swimwear sags and tugs in an unflattering way. Out of nowhere, it can feel like the elasticity in your swimsuit gives up, leaving you with a loose, uncomfortable garment. 

La Blanca is ending this sad, saggy phenomenon once and for all. 

Instead of feeling self-conscious about your bottoms drooping, a La Blanca swimsuit will make you feel confident and stylish no matter where you roam. Whether you’re at a relaxing pool or getting rocked by intense ocean waves, your La Blanca swimsuit will hold its shape and help you turn heads — for the right reasons. 

You might be wondering how La Blanca swimsuits work and how we manage to avoid the sag. That answer is simple: The fabrics that go into a La Blanca swimwear piece are high-quality, flattering, and durable. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading for an in-depth look at La Blanca swimsuits and how to avoid saggy bottoms all year-round. 

Why Does Your Swimsuit Sag?


Before we dive in, let’s break down why your current swimsuit sags so easily. There are a couple of reasons why your bathing suit seems to lose its shape quickly, and here at La Blanca, we want you to avoid droopy bottoms at all costs. 

Low-Quality Materials

People don’t always pay close attention to the kinds of materials their swimwear is made of, but it really makes all the difference. When a brand produces its swimsuits with cheaper materials, the swimsuit will naturally give out at a much quicker rate. 

Certain synthetic materials are cheaper to mass produce than more durable materials, so unfortunately, the lifespan of your suit will be exponentially shorter. That means the sag will come sooner rather than later. 

The chemicals in chlorine can also mix with the poor quality materials within your swimsuit and break down the elasticity, which only expedites the sagging process. 

Not Properly Cared For

Something most of us don’t realize is that the aftercare of your swimsuit is crucial in avoiding sagging. Swimsuits are a beach and pool day necessity, but pool chlorine and ocean salt can do a number on your beloved bikini. 

We’ve already mentioned that chemicals can ruin the elasticity of the swimsuit. If particles and chemicals build up in the garments without them being properly cared for, sagging is basically inevitable.

Immediately after your pool day, rinse off your swimsuit in lukewarm and squeeze out any excess moisture and particles. Then, leave it out on a surface or in the sunlight to air dry. 

We recommend doing this after each use and avoid washing machines and dryers whenever possible. Simply staying on top of your swim aftercare can significantly minimize excess sagging. 

La Blanca swimsuits require a delicate washing after each wear like any suit does — but even if you get a little lazy, a La Blanca piece is made to be durable much longer than the average suit. 

What Is La Blanca Made Of?


La Blanca strives to create stylish and durable swimsuits for all body types. Our suits absolutely deliver in every category, but what is it about La Blanca swimwear that makes our suits so flattering and long-lasting?

There are a few crucial factors that explain just how La Blanca swimwear can help you avoid the dreaded sag. 

Durable Materials

Possibly the most critical trick to avoiding saggy swimwear is buying swimwear made from durable materials, and La Blanca does just that. 

All of La Blanca’s swimsuits — from tankini tops and halter one-pieces to high-waisted bottoms and beyond — are built out of two main components: nylon and elastane. This nylon and elastane duo is necessary to create high-quality, long-lasting swimsuits. 

Nylon is a synthetic material that reacts well with environments like oceans and pools. The elastane blended with nylon is a true match made in heaven for swimwear because the combination of those materials creates garments that are water resistant, dry quickly, and are extremely durable. 

Other materials and fabrics are not suitable for pools and bodies of water. That’s because the chemicals and weight of the water will weigh you down and make it challenging to swim. Nylon and elastane are water resistant and therefore perfect (and safer) for swimming than most other fibers. 

An added benefit is that elastane is a stretchy, flexible material that will fit any figure like a glove. Your bathing suit needs to fit properly and have enough stretch to allow for comfort. The elastane is strong and durable, so your La Blanca swimsuit’s elasticity will be long-lasting — and sagging will be a thing of the past. 

Different Cuts and Styles

Everyone’s bodies are a little bit different, meaning we each have unique swimwear needs. Swimsuits are supposed to make you feel confident and comfortable, so it is vital to choose the right bathing suit style for you!

Oftentimes, swimwear brands reproduce the same cut and shapes for all their swimsuits, which is exclusionary and unrealistic. No one should be pressured into wearing bathing suits that make them feel uncomfortable.

At La Blanca, we carry tons of swimsuit cuts so that everybody and every body type can find the perfect swimsuit to rock this summer. 

There are numerous one-piece and bikini styles to choose from. If you prefer a full coverage look, our Over The Shoulder One Piece swimsuits are a great choice. These suits have a classic silhouette with modern elements that will make you feel glamorous at the pool. 

Some people might be more comfortable showing off a little extra skin. For the sassy and sultry among us, check out our High Waisted Bottoms to accompany any bikini or tankini top. High-waisted swimsuits tend to make a V-shape at the top of our legs, which lets us show off our legs while creating an elongating illusion. 

These higher-waisted cuts are especially awesome when you’re trying to avoid sagging. The high cut, v-shape style pulls upwards and stays in place, so there will be no saggy bottoms burdening you during your beach trip. 

Wide Size Range

Nothing is more important than having a swimsuit that actually fits. La Blanca swimwear has a wide size range so that any body type can find the perfect swimsuit to rock this year. 

Sizes range from XS through XL. Certain tops range in sizes from size 0 through size 16, and most bust sizes go up to DD cups. 

Everyone has a unique body, and sometimes it can be difficult to find comfortable and fashionable swimsuits that fit properly. 

With a wide range of sizes available to choose from, many people will have the opportunity to find the perfect La Blanca swimsuit for their style — instead of settling for a bathing suit that hardly fits simply because it was the last option left. 

Thankfully, if you feel unsure about what size will suit your body best, all the measurements for each swimsuit are listed, and a size guide is posted for you to compare and decipher your size. 

No matter what size you are, your La Blanca swimsuit is guaranteed to fit snugly and comfortably while making you look as gorgeous as you feel. With the correct sized swimsuit from La Blanca, no sagging will take place. 

No Sagging When You Shop La Blanca

It is exhausting wearing swimsuits that sag and fit uncomfortably. No one should have to wear ill-fitting swimwear that creates a frumpy appearance. Thankfully, La Blanca swimsuits will fix those problems. 

La Blanca swimsuits are made to fit you perfectly. You will have access to a vast selection of cuts and styles that come in a range of sizes--regardless of body type, you will be able to wear a swimsuit that flatters your body and your personal style. When you shop La Blanca, you’ll successfully avoid the sag!



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