5 Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits for Your Getaway

A summer getaway calls for a stylish vacation wardrobe. Arguably the most important item you’ll bring on your trip is your swimsuit. Whether you’re headed to a tropical resort or kicking back at a lake house for the weekend, you can’t go wrong with a sexy one-piece swimsuit. 

Two pieces have their time and place, but you’ll want to feel as comfortable and confident as possible for your special summer escape. Bikinis and tankinis are excellent, reliable options, but we recommend a one-piece swimsuit if you want to branch out while still looking fabulous. 

One-piece swimsuits flatter every body type, and they come in so many cuts and styles. With plenty of La Blanca one-piece swimsuit options out there, everyone will find a style they’ll fall in love with.

Comfort and sex appeal go hand-in-hand with a La Blanca one-piece suit. With such a huge variety of styles at your fingertips, you are bound to find the perfect bathing suit for your getaway. 

Read on to learn about our favorite sexy one-piece picks to check out for your vacation!

Plunge One-Pieces

The ultimate sexy swimwear necessity for your big getaway is a plunge one-piece. 

Sometimes less is more, and that could not be more true in regard to plunge one-pieces. With a deep-v neckline, you have less coverage up top so that you can show off your figure to your heart’s content. 

If you are comfortable revealing more cleavage, you will absolutely love the La Blanca Plunge One-Piece collection. Each swimsuit comes with a plunging neckline in a variety of different patterns. 

Whether you prefer a classic approach to swimwear with a black and white pattern or want to show off your playful side with bright, vibrant colors, you will find the perfect style for you. 

Many of our plunge one-pieces come with more subtle necklines if you only want to show off a little bit of cleavage on your trip. However, if you want to show off, we recommend the Changing Tides Plunge One-Piece

This swimsuit has a deep v-neck that highlights your chest and an open back that makes it flattering from all angles. It is a swimsuit that emphasizes your natural features and will make you look stellar on your trip. 

Underwire One-Piece Swimsuits

You deserve to show off your natural curves, and an underwire one-piece swimsuit will emphasize those features beautifully. 

Underwire swimsuits are the perfect sexy bathing suit for your getaway. While the silhouette of the swimsuit will hug your figure, the underwire in the bust will lift your cleavage. 

The top of the swimsuit will essentially fit you like an underwire bra, providing the same support and coverage. Imagine your most comfortable underwire bra combined with a one-piece bathing suit, and you’ve got a La Blanca underwire swimsuit. 

An underwire one-piece swimsuit will make you look like a beach bombshell. To go for the full sexy effect, we recommend the Island Goddess Underwire Lace Up One-Piece in cherry red. 

Your figure will look amazing, and the eye-catching red fabric will add an extra layer of sultriness for your getaway.

Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuits

Sometimes, we overlook the sexy impact of exposed shoulders and collarbones. Don’t make that mistake again — for your next vacation, consider a one-piece that highlights these oft-forgotten assets. 

While those areas are usually at least a little exposed in most swimsuits, you can really let your shoulders and neckline steal the show with a bandeau. 

Bandeau swimsuits tend to have a sweetheart neckline that adds a playful, romantic element to your swimwear. If you need a little extra support up top, many La Blanca bandeau cuts come with removable spaghetti straps. This way, your neckline and the heart-shaped cut of the top remain the main attraction, but you can still feel comfortable and supported. 

For a sexy and stylish take on the bandeau style, try out the Island Goddess Ruffled Bandeau One-Piece. It will hug your figure in all the right places, while the ruffle makes the suit itself more fashion-forward and unique. 

If you want a one-piece that screams “business in the front, party in the back,” we highly recommend the Catalina Coast Bandeau Mio

The swimsuit is strapless and provides full coverage in the front. Your neckline and shoulders are left exposed, while the backside has a larger cutout towards the lower back, cheekily displaying more of your figure.

Off-the-Shoulder One-Pieces

An underrated but glamorous swimwear look is the off-the-shoulder one-piece style. La Blanca carries several different off-the-shoulder swimsuits that will look exceptional during your summer getaway. 

Off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuits are sexy in a unique way. While the majority of the swimsuit will fit you snuggly and highlight your figure, the off-the-shoulder straps provide a classic approach to swimwear. These suits will give you the appearance of an Old Hollywood starlet while still looking modern and sexy.

The Island Goddess Off Shoulder One-Piece is the perfect swimsuit for your vacation. The form-fitting silhouette, along with its ruffles, will help you look fashionable at the pool, while the off-the-shoulder straps add a teasing element that plays into the allure of the look. 

Off-the-shoulder one-pieces — just like any other La Blanca one-piece swimsuit — complements figures of all shapes and sizes. No matter your body type, you will feel like a goddess on your summer getaway. 

Get Away in a La Blanca One-Piece

For your summer vacation, don’t forget to pack the necessities: comfortable shoes, sunscreen with a high SPF, and a La Blanca one-piece swimsuit to rock on the beach or at the pool. 

You’ve likely waited a long time for your special trip, so you should dress up for the occasion. A La Blanca one-piece swimsuit will make you feel sexy and confident wherever you go. 

Our favorite one-piece cuts range from plunge-style one-pieces to off-the-shoulder straps. Whichever one-piece swimsuit you opt for, you are guaranteed to look radiant on your trip! 



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