What To Wear to a Spa Day: Swimwear Guide

If you've never been to a spa before, you might be unsure of what to bring. Although some spas have a dress code in some areas, such as restaurants, you normally don't have to worry about what you wear! Plus, after you get to your chosen spa, you'll most likely spend most of your time in a robe.

Going for non-restrictive clothing (yoga bottoms, lounge trousers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies) is welcomed at most resorts since spas want their customers to feel as comfortable as possible.

Heading to the spa is meant to be a stress-free and relaxing experience. So you aren’t worrying about what to wear at the last minute, we’re covering the best swimsuits to have on hand. Having a stylish and comfy bathing suit ready for your next spa trip will make it even more stress-free. Check out the best swimsuits for a spa trip that will ensure your time is just as relaxing and restful as you need it to be! Here are the best options to sport when heading to the spa.

Classic One-Piece Swimsuits

For a day at the spa, a basic one-piece swimsuit is a great option. It's a refined, traditional design that flatters everyone, and it's easy to wear beneath any other attire. There are also several modest swimsuits and one-pieces available with various amounts of coverage, so you can feel quite comfortable if you want a little more coverage in your swimwear. Color selections are virtually unlimited as well, enabling you to choose a brilliant shade that will complement your newfound glow after your spa appointment.

Our Ocean Oasis Bandeau Mio one-piece is a great option to sport on your spa day. A comfortable strapless option removes any extra fabric that can get in the way during treatments. The blue tones of the suit are also perfect for the relaxing mission of the day.

Stylish Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are another great option for a spa day since they are sophisticated, elegant, and stylish. They feature a wide range of skirt lengths and tankini or top designs that are both attractive and comfortable, as well as fantastic coverage options. The skirted bottoms put many ladies at ease while undergoing various treatments or activities, such as receiving a pedicure in a spa chair or having a hot stone massage.

Two-Piece Bikinis

A simple two-piece swimsuit may be a nice option depending on the spa treatments you'll be receiving. A bikini is a good choice if you'll be having steam treatments, going to the sauna, or relaxing in the whirlpool or water jets.

It has less material, making it easier to store in your suitcase when changing into a dry suit or attire for the remainder of a spa day, and you can make the most of any stream or water treatments thanks to its reduced covering.

Check out our Linea Costa Halter Triangle Top and Linea Costa Hipster Bottom two-piece combination. The spaghetti strap style of the top allows for an easy to put on or take off option. The matching hipster bottoms also make for a simple bottom that isn’t in the way during treatments and is comfortable to wear during the whole day.

Sporty Swimwear

Yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, calming stretches, and other more energetic, yet rejuvenating choices may be included in your spa day. Sporty swimwear might be a terrific option if you're doing anything athletic.

Short-sleeved swimwear, shorter athletic swim skirts, swim capris, sporty tankini tops, and one-piece athletic swimsuits (simple to match with quick-dry shorts or skorts) are all excellent options. You'll be ready to go to your next treatment feeling rejuvenated because they are generally formulated to dry quickly.

For any sportier activities you might engage in, try out our Tropea Breeze All Aboard 3" Inseam Board Short, paired with the Tropea Breeze Half-Zip Rashguard.

Mix and Match Swim Skirts and Tankini Tops

With a swim skirt and matching tankini top, you can personalize your style and feel for your spa day. With its modest style, swim skirts will make you feel entirely at ease, and tankini tops come in a wide range of styles so you can create your own unique appearance. A two-piece outfit like this also makes it simple to modify or swap out components during the day if desired.

There are plenty of different mix and match pairings you can try. For example, try out our Isla Del Sol Bandeau Tankini Top matched with the Island Goddess Ruffle Skirted Bottom in the ginger colorway for a bright and tropical option.

Swim Cover-Ups

A nice swim cover-up is an excellent choice because there are many different sorts of activities and treatments you may do during your spa day, from steam treatments and swimming to facials, massages, and cosmetic treatments.

This will allow you to transition from treatment to treatment in comfort and style, as well as keep you warm between appointments and activities. Look for loose slip-on fashions, zip-up cover-ups, or button styles that are simple to put on and take off.

For a truly simple throw-on option go for the Twisted Bamboo Convertible Shirt Dress, which is a neutral-toned overshirt that features an oversized silhouette that makes for the perfect spa day cover-up. It’s sure to keep you comfortable from treatment to treatment with its lightweight profile but still makes a statement.

Other Items To Pack

There are a couple of other things you can pack for your trip to the spa to guarantee all your bases are covered.

  • Pack two swimsuits. One of them to swim in and one to enjoy your treatment in if you’d feel more comfortable than wearing nothing at all, as is the case sometimes.
  • Don’t forget to bring a pair of flip-flops with you in case the establishment doesn’t provide them or simply if you’ll feel more comfortable with your own pair.
  • You might want to pack towels and wash products in case you’re planning on taking a shower during your day. Many times these are provided but don’t be afraid or take shampoo and any other items you may want just in case the ones offered aren’t to your liking.
  • Dress in comfortable attire that allows you to have lunch in or change into after your treatments without worrying if any product gets onto the clothing.
  • Check if the restaurant has a dress code and pack something appropriate if so. This is especially important if you’re staying overnight or if the spa is separate from the restaurant where you’re having lunch.

Time To Relax

Having the perfect swimsuit to wear on a spa day trip is only one part of making sure you have the perfect "me time" getaway. Find your favorite outfits and prepare to pack your day spa bag for all the relaxation and rejuvenation you require. There's no question that you'll be feeling like a new person after a simple skin treatment or more elaborate spa treatments.


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