How To Style Women's Board Shorts

If you’ve been looking for a versatile and comfortable option that can take you from a casual outing on a hot summer day to the beach, then we’ve got the perfect piece for you. Let us introduce you to the board short, an easy and laid-back style that will have you ditching your other swimsuits! (Ok, maybe that’s not necessary but can you tell we’re super excited about this style?) 

An amazing option for those that want comfortable, modest, and protective swimwear for the ultimate beach day. No matter if you’re simply lounging by the sea and taking a dip once in a while or taking part in all the summer activities, the board short will have your back during the whole summer! 

​​Understanding the Style

This laid-back, loose-fitting short is a great piece for pretty much any casual summer occasion. But before venturing out to find this new style there are a few questions to go over that can help you better understand this style of swimwear and why it’s an amazing piece to add to your summer rotation. We’re going over important details such as if you need to wear your shorts with anything else and what they can be used for.

What Are Board Shorts?

Board shorts are a style of swim shorts commonly used by male surfers. Women’s versions are normally worn as an over short, for example, they can be styled over a one-piece swimsuit or bikini bottoms. They come in a variety of lengths and some different cuts. 

For a more freeing style you’re better off going with a pair that has a shorter inseam and for rash protection go for a style with a longer inseam. While they aren’t exclusively to be worn by surfers they are a great style for those of you that love catching some waves.  

What Are Swim Shorts?

Swim shorts are a different style of swimming bottoms. These are generally stand-alone, meaning you can wear them without any other piece underneath. They are meant to have a similar style to board shorts rather than a typical swimming bottom but ultimately perform the same function. Similar to sports shorts, this style has a built-in brief which is why they can be worn without another bottom underneath.

Are Board Shorts the Same as Swim Shorts?

While they aren’t 100% the same thing they are definitely similar. As we mentioned, swim shorts can be worn by themselves and the same can’t be said about board shorts. This is due to the latter not having a built-in brief which can make it considerably uncomfortable. 

What Are Board Shorts Used For?

While board shorts are generally sported by surfers they are a great option for everyone. This is because they are a great way to get more coverage when at the beach or in tropical climates. They are generally made with quick-dry materials and offer good protection from the intense rays of the sun. 

It’s especially a good option if you’re planning on taking part in water sports. If you’re thinking of trying out activities such as water skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or lifeguarding, these are the ideal piece to pack! They are also a comfortable option to swim in. With their loose-fitting silhouette, soft, moisture-wicking fabric, and easy closure, they are great for anyone that is looking for a little extra coverage or protection.

What Should You Wear Under Board Shorts?

The best option to pair with your board shorts is a pair of bikini bottoms or one-piece underneath. No matter how long the board shorts’ inseam is, you'll feel a lot more comfortable and avoid any awkward situations if you’re wearing the extra layer. 

Why Should You Get Board Shorts?

Board shorts are mainly designed for the sake of performance. They have a casual look to them and are available in different styles. If you enjoy the laid-back surfer style these are perfect for you. They are a good solution if you’ll be surfing, jumping around in the water, or taking part in other activities that require a lot of movement. 

Their quick-drying material is also an added benefit since this means you can go into the water and won’t have to wait a long time until your shorts are dry, making it a more comfortable wearing experience. They also generally feature an elasticated waist and a loose silhouette that makes it an easy piece to wear. 

As a general rule, women’s board shorts tend to be shorter than men’s versions but this doesn’t mean you can’t find longer versions for women as well. They can be high-waisted or not, have pockets, have a zipper closure, or be a pull-on version that you can throw on over your suit.

The longer length of the shorts also makes it more comfortable for those that are looking for a more modest option.

How To Style Your Board Shorts

Their overall style and properties make this an appealing piece, especially for hot summer days. A colorful or printed pair can automatically make you feel confident and have you ready to hit the beach! We’ve got some suggestions to get you started with putting looks together for this comfy style.

Look #1

If you’re looking for a simple but colorful look, start out with our Tropea Breeze All Aboard 3" Inseam Board Short. Pair it with our Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece underneath for a bold and bright look with complimentary colors. Throw on your favourite white shirt as an open over-shirt to finish off this relaxed outfit.

Look #2

For a more subdued look, pair our Moonlit Silhouette Foldover 3" Inseam Boardshort with our Island Goddess Shirred Strap Cross Back Top. Add your favourite bottom under the shorts for extra comfort and you’re ready to head out!

Look #3

Another way to style your new board shorts is by pairing them with a tankini top. This is especially good if you’re aiming for something more modest but still want versatility. Style our All Aboard 4" Inseam Board Short with our Apulia Mix Halter Tankini Top for a fun, color-coordinated look! Don’t forget to throw on your favorite bathing suit bottom under the shorts. Finish the look with a pair of sandals and some sunnies for the perfect active summer day look.

Stylish Shorts

If you’ve always wanted to rock this look but weren’t sure how to go about it you can now feel like an expert with all this information on board shorts. From what they are to how to wear them, hopefully, we’ve covered your main questions around this style! Now all you have to do is get to styling this piece. Try out our suggestions above or have fun making your own pairings. You can shop for more colors and styles on our website.


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