11 Beach Photoshoot Ideas & What To Wear

If you have scrolled through Facebook or Instagram anytime within the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the popularity of beach photoshoots. Whether it is a sultry solo picture, a family portrait, or a sweet BFF photoshoot, it seems like everyone is taking advantage of our Earth’s beautiful beaches.

It is your turn to take the spotlight and create fun memories and beautiful pictures!

Not only will you create stunning photos that you can keep for years to come, but you will also have a blast taking the pictures. This year, either plan a fun destination vacation or take a day trip to your nearest beach. Then, all you have to do is use the stunning natural backdrop available to you.

Once you settle on the perfect beach destination for your next photoshoot, it is time to start planning what kind of outfits, poses, and photo ideas to use to get the best pictures for you. That’s where we come in!

Below, we have curated a list of our favorite beach photoshoot ideas, as well as tips for what to wear to ensure your pics come out perfectly. Keep reading to discover our tips and tricks, and outfit ideas to create the picture-perfect beach photoshoot this summer.

1. Go for Solid Shades

There is more wiggle room with this tip if you are doing a solo photoshoot, but if you are getting your pictures taken with a group of people (or even a pair), you will want the pics to look as cohesive as possible. To create a clean, appealing aesthetic for your photoshoot, wearing solid shades is the way to go. 

Patterns and bright colors can be a great way to express yourself and show off your eccentric personality in your day-to-day fashion. When it comes to beach photography, things are a little different because the backdrop is doing a lot of the work for you. You do not want to overwhelm the frame and shot by wearing contrasting, bright patterns. 

Rocking nice, solid shades will allow the beautiful beachy background to shine through while you and your entourage look picturesque and refined. 

2. Opt for All-White Clothes

Picking the solid shades for you and your group is fully up to your discretion, but a stunning trend that is taking over the beach photography world is the shift to all-white outfits. 

This would mean that instead of picking a pretty, colorful dress or wearing colored pants with a top, you will find garments that are entirely white. Though this is typically out of the realm of everyday fashion, in the beachy setting, you will look and feel like a goddess, and better yet, your photos will come out amazing. 

Beaches are pristine and clean, and an all-white ensemble will compliment your lovely backdrop flawlessly. For instance, an all-white, flowing dress will look elegant and match the tropical environment of the beach to create lovely photos. 

White clothes are classic and chic and go perfectly with the backdrop of the beach. 

3. For Group Photos, Choose a Color Scheme 

As we mentioned, when multiple people are literally in the picture, the most important thing to create beautiful shots is to have a cohesive style. Everyone matching might be a bit too corny or on the nose for your dream photo shoot, but picking a color scheme and having those shades pop through with each individual’s outfit will create a stunning photo op!

For instance, choose two colors to prioritize for your photoshoot outfits. Go for a teal and white moment, or even try prioritizing yellows and neutral tones. Selecting colors and sticking to that scheme will create perfectly coordinated pics on top of having a gorgeous backdrop. 

4. Outfit Ideas for Couples

Planning a romantic beach photoshoot? We’ve got you covered.

Much like with group photos, choosing a color scheme to stick to can be a great way to ensure that your photos come out cohesive and coordinated. Whites and tan shades match perfectly with the beachy environment, so selecting outfits with those shades and mind is a great place to start. 

Another excellent photoshoot style is the combination of a flowy dress with straight pants. Your partner rocking a white button-down top and jeans or khakis next to you in a beachy, breezy dress will create a stunning balance and even more stunning photos. 

5. Family Outfit Ideas

When the whole family is involved, matching outfits are a must! 

A classic family beach photoshoot look is the matching white and denim. This can be a great time to whip out your favorite athleisure or loungewear tops for the whole family to go along with the laidback feel of the beach setting. Plus, denim and white outfits are very easy on the kids, so there is less fussing!

6. Solo Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, the best self-care is a solo photoshoot on the beach! The most important aspect will be your beachy fashion, and since you are the star of the show, you have much more opportunity to shine. 

For instance, if you have an alluring plunge one-piece swimsuit that you’ve been dying to show off, your beach photoshoot could not be a more perfect opportunity to show off your physique and style. 

Another garment that was made for a beach photoshoot is a stylish coverup dress. Wear it as a stand-alone piece, or pair it with a cute bikini underneath to really bring home the beach vibes. Regardless, it will match the environment perfectly and help create the coolest, most flattering pics. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Strike a Pose

Aside from your photoshoot fashion, there are other critical factors to consider when preparing for your exciting beach photoshoot. A tip that seems obvious but will make or break your photo session is striking a pose. 

Many of us can become stiff and camera shy when it is time to take a picture, but for optimal results, you need to let your guard down and try on your best poses. Don’t be afraid to pop your hip, reach towards the sun, and try out silly or sexy poses. Trust your photographer and trust yourself to achieve the best beach pictures!

8. Get in the Water

Naturally, the ocean and its stunning waves are going to be a great backdrop for your photoshoot, but don’t be afraid to get your toes wet and take some fun pictures in the water. 

You can get some incredible photos and happy memories captured perfectly when you hop in the water for some of your pictures. This can be an especially glamorous choice if you are wearing a long dress or something with flowing fabric, as it will move beautifully along with the ocean to create some one-of-a-kind shots. 

If you have a group of friends or are having a family photoshoot, those ocean pictures can capture some wholesome moments between you and your loved ones that you will cherish for years to come. Photos of the kids splashing around in the water or those shots of your group laughing together as you soak your clothes in the waves are priceless and make the whole photoshoot worth it (though it will be worth it regardless).

9. Sunsets Are Your Friend

We have mentioned countless times already how perfectly the beach serves as a backdrop for amazing photos, but what if I told you that you can actually take it up a notch? There is no sight quite like a setting sun behind lovely ocean waves, and you can time your photoshoot just right to incorporate those stunning sunsets into your photoshoot. 

The pinkish-purple sky will complement you flawlessly. Plus, if you plan on taking sweet, romantic photos with your partner, the pretty horizon will only elevate the dreamy vibes of your pictures. 

Everybody loves a good sunset pic, so why not incorporate the lovely sky into your beach photoshoot?

10. Take Boardwalk Pics

Want to stand out with your beach photos? Venture out of the sand and step out on the boardwalk in style to get some beautiful yet playful shots. 

Everyone is familiar with classic beach photoshoot pictures, so why not go the extra mile to get some more unique photos? You will love the originality of the boardwalk pictures and have an easier time achieving the perfect candid shot. 

Get a bucket of fries, play some arcade games, and get some cute pictures on one of the many benches along the boardwalk and enjoy the chaotic but aesthetically pleasing results of those pictures!

11. Put Your Feet in the Sand

Much like our ocean idea, we recommend getting down in the sand for some pictures to truly capture the beachy vibes. Sure, you’ll have to wash all the sand off of your body later on, but you will not regret taking some fun pictures in the sand. 

Sitting down, putting your toes in the sand, and striking a pose are great ways to utilize your natural environment. The sand does not merely have to be a backdrop, but it can also be a prop! Play with the sand and take some playful and fun photos to cherish for years to come. 

Get Creative and Have Fun!

Our final piece of advice can be summed up in one sentence: get creative and have fun! The best part about photography is its ability to capture real moments and tell a story. When you allow yourself to let loose and get creative at your next beach photo shoot, the end result will be perfect!

Prepare your outfits, and get out of your comfort zone, but most importantly is to have fun. The beach will serve as the perfect backdrop, and your style and joy will make the images even more perfect!


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