Bikinis With Coverage: 5 Styles We Love

Bikinis are notorious for being the least modest option in swimwear — but they’re just so cute! While bikinis are designed to cover only about a third of your torso, there are still plenty of options out there for individuals looking for a little more coverage.

You do not have to show everything off to hop on the bikini bandwagon. With necklines designed to offer more exposure and styles that cover more of the torso, there are plenty of bikini options out there for the ladies with a sultry but conservative sense of swimwear style. 

Read on to learn about all the bikini and two-piece styles we love, and grab a bikini with coverage today! 

1. High Neck Top

A high-neck top style will likely offer you the most amount of coverage in a bikini. Typically, high necklines take the form of either a halter top or a circular stringy keyhole neckline. 

Of course, coverage is the main attraction here, but high-neck bikini tops also keep everything secure better than other types of swimwear. Your chest will feel supported and look perky, despite being primarily covered. 

Halter neck bikinis can vary in terms of coverage depending on the shape of the neckline and what the straps are like. Certain halter bikinis offer very limited coverage, as they take the shape of a triangle bikini with thin straps holding everything up. Keyhole halter bikinis shake things up, offering much more in terms of coverage. 

The keyhole-shaped high-neck top offers maximum bikini coverage. Though most of your lower torso will remain exposed, your chest area will be entirely covered by the high-rising neckline, with only the small keyhole revealing a pop of cleavage. Your mid-chest region up to your collarbones will have a great deal of coverage to keep you in your comfort zone. 

High-neck tops can take the form of bikinis or midkinis, which offer slightly more coverage than regular bikinis. Midkinis end towards the middle of your stomach so that only the skin beneath the belly button is exposed. 

High-neck tops are reminiscent of high fashion trends and will keep you covered and comfortable.

2. Bralette Top

The bralette bikini top is another stellar option for anyone looking for some extra coverage in their swimwear. 

Much like the high-neck bikini top, your back and tummy will remain mostly exposed, but your chest will be covered and supported. It is an unlined bikini top, but the straight-cut design will keep everything in place comfortably. 

This bikini functions similarly to a sports bra. The bralette bikini has the same general shape as a sports bra and keeps your chest supported, but the bikini is more lightweight and has a low-scoop neckline, so a hint of cleavage is exposed. 

Bralette tops do not provide full coverage, but they do an excellent job of containing your intimate parts without showing off excessive cleavage. If you are looking for even more coverage, we recommend pairing the top with high-waisted bottoms so that only the middle of your torso is exposed. 

Keep it cute and modest with a bralette bikini top!

3. One Shoulder Top

Fashion-forward and providing ample coverage, one-shoulder bikini tops are one of our ultimate faves. The one-shoulder style is fun, modern, and super trendy right now, which means you can truly have it all. You’ll look like a fashionista on the beach while achieving the perfect amount of bikini coverage. 

The fact that the swimsuit relies on just one strap might give you the impression that it leaves you exposed and does not support your chest well, but that could not be further from the truth! The strap from one-shoulder bikini tops is thick and durable and crosses the entirety of your to ensure that everything is held up perfectly. 

The neckline is similar to the bralette top in that it completely covers your chest, and then it comes together with one strap to keep everything in place. 

One-shoulder bikinis do a great job of providing coverage and making you look flirty and stylish at the same time. You will not regret opting for this trendy style! 

4. Over the Shoulder Wrap Bra Top

Wrap bra tops are chic and feminine by design, and the Over The Sh

oulder Wrap Top maintains that stunning look while providing ample coverage. 

This specific bikini top follows the cropped bra top silhouette and is shaped similarly to a sports bra but with playful cutouts. Wrapping across the front, the bikini top creates a slight v-neck that exposes a little bit of cleavage but keeps the rest of the chest covered. The top has two straps that loop over the shoulders and are wrapped around the back as well. 

It has a more abstract design to make you stand out on the beach while also ensuring that you are properly covered to your liking. You’ll look unique and fashion-forward when you rock this cool bikini style on the beach this summer! 

5. Rashguards 

If you prefer maximum coverage but want to rock a two-piece swimsuit at the pool, consider giving a rashguard a try! 

Created in Australia for surfers, the rashguard is a swimsuit top that covers the entirety of the torso and has long sleeves. It is designed to protect your skin from any sea-inflicted abrasions or rashes, as well as keep the upper half of your body safe from sun damage — though be sure to apply sunscreen anyways

Despite its practical nature, the rashguard is also just a cool looking garment that will do the best possible job providing coverage on the beach this summer. If you want to show a little more skin, you can crop the rashguard and embrace a Y2K-ready beachwear style.

Though it is unconventional and not quite the same as a traditional bikini, a rashguard provides all the coverage while making sure you still look fresh.

Stylish Coverage

Bikinis are for everyone, even if you prefer swimwear with more coverage. Our guide to bikinis with coverage is a great resource for locating the best styles for your bathing suit needs. Check out our list and grab a bikini with coverage today! 


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