High Waist Bikini: A Trend You Don't Want To Miss

High-waisted bikinis are a trend that is just making its comeback into fashion. When considering shopping for a high-waisted bikini you want to make sure that the shape, size, and color are right for your body type. 

Whether you’re new to this trend or not, it's definitely one that you don't want to miss. high-waisted bikinis are comfortable, flattering, and great for any kind of vacation or beach outing. 

High-waisted bikinis are also helpful to cover up any spots that you're not comfortable showing off on your tummy. 

There are many styles of high-waisted bikinis that are available at La Blanca. From floral patterns to stripes and tie-dye, you can't go wrong with a La Blanca high-waisted bikini bottom that flatters your figure while highlighting your torso. 

If you want to feel comfortable walking along a beach or confident while relaxing by the pool in a high-waisted bikini is a great way to feel elegant while still showing off your bikini body.

What’s the Deal With High-Waisted Bikinis?

So what's the big deal with high-waisted bikinis anyway? To be honest, they're all the rave right now because they're extremely flattering on all body types and they are great for thinning out stomach insecurities. This style of bikini is also comfortable and supportive for any beach or tropical vacation environment. 

If you're worried about problem areas on your tummy, a high-waisted bikini gives you a chance to feel confident in a bikini without showing off too much stomach. 

High-waisted bikinis are also really complimentary for women that were recently pregnant or women that don't feel comfortable wearing string bikinis anymore. 

When’s the Best Time To Wear a High-Waisted Bikini?

The best time to wear a high-waisted bikini is to a beach outing where you are going to be spending a good amount of time in and around the water. A great time to wear a high-waisted bikini is also when you're around a lot of friends and family and you don't feel like showing off your stomach. 

If you're going to wear a high-waisted bikini for the first time, a great chance to wear it is in a hot tub. You can get used to the feel of the high-waisted bikini on your body while relaxing in the hot tub with your torso under the water.  

A lot of people tend to not branch out of their typical bikini routine because they are not sure how they're going to feel and look in a new bathing suit. That's why it's great to try out a new bathing suit for the first time in a hot tub because your body is not really being shown but you can still get a feel for what the material and style are like. 

Another great time to try out a new bathing suit is at a pool party. You can wear the high-waisted bikini bottoms and the top while having an additional wrap around your waist that you can remove or keep on at your leisure.   

Some advice for wearing a high-waisted bikini — never sit out in the sun for too long in this style.  If you're trying to tan in a high-waisted bikini you're going to end up with an odd tan line.

Types of High-Waisted Bikinis

There are a lot of different types of high-waisted bikinis that allow you to mix and match with your tops and feel like you're wearing a new bathing suit for every beach outing. 

La Blanca is great at creating high-waisted styles that are flattering and form-fitting to everyone's body type. Whether you're looking for a unique draping look or a pop of color, La Blanca has high-waisted bottoms that are perfect for a classic or exciting beach look.

Solid High Waist Bikinis

If you're into a more classic look, a solid high-waisted bikini in black, white, navy, blue, or brown is a great way to try this style without making it too bold.  

Sometimes it's great to try out a style without popping off in bright neon pink. The high-waisted bathing suits from La Blanca that are available in the color black are incredibly flattering and meant for anybody. The Island Goddess Side Shirred high-waisted bottom has a detailing texture on either hip and is available in the solid color black. 

A great feature about La Blanca is you can wear your new bathing suit bottom for 30 days and then exchange it or return it after you tried it out. What's exciting about this offer is that you can try a solid black bikini in the style and then switch over or purchase another high-waisted bottom in a print or a color like aquamarine.

Patterned High-Waisted Bikinis

The patterned high-waisted bottoms available on La Blanca are absolutely stunning and completely unique to any other company. The Terra Italia reversible high-waisted bottom is incredibly flattering from all angles. With open ribbing on the side and colors that speak to Europe like blues, reds, corals, and aquamarine hues, there is a sense of summer and vacation infused into this printed bottom. 

If you want to keep it to a two-tone experience with your first high-waisted bottom, definitely shop the Apulia Mix, which is reversible and sports a leafy print in navy blue on one side of the bottoms and a striped print on the other. 

The great part about the Apulia reversible bottoms is that you really get a chance to see how you feel in two different prints for the price of one high-waisted bottom. What’s specifically great about this print is that you get to experience stripes on one side- that are extremely flattering for narrow waist and hips — and then a leafy spotted texture on the other side that is for a more curvy figure. 

One of the most common high-waisted bottoms from La Blanca is the new Indigo Striped Linea Costa style. There is a slight and faint striping pattern seen around the entire bottom but it's present enough that there is a pattern that is visible. This faint striping is also available in white which is great for a cruise, a trip to Greece, or a tropical vacation where your tan really needs to show.

Body Types for High-Waisted Bikinis

Now let's talk about body types. Anybody can be flattered in a high-waisted bikini — this bathing suit will thin you out. Since it can cover problem areas on your tummy or on your hips, a high-waisted bottom is flattering for all. High-waisted bottoms are complementary for any height, weight, and body type. 

If you have a curvier figure you can definitely complement your body with a high-waisted bottom, and if your figure is more narrow and straight then a high-waisted bikini is still a great option for your body. 

Does Height Matter?

Individuals tend to worry that if they're short a high-waisted bikini will cut their smaller torsos in half and look unflattering. The truth is, a lot of petite people can rock a high-waisted bathing suit as long as they're aware of the length of their torso. Even if you have a shorter torso though, a high-waisted bathing suit can definitely complement your figure. It's all about what you feel comfortable in. 

If you have more of a petite figure and you're trying a high-waisted bikini for the first time, the Island Goddess Crossover Bottom in black or cinnamon is a smart place to start. This bathing suit is high-waisted but meets below your belly button while still hiding problem areas if you feel like you want to cover up any excess tummy. 

The back of this bathing suit is traditional and it lends itself to proper coverage and support. 

Curves vs. a Narrow Figure

If you have a taller figure, consider the Side Shirred bottom in ginger. This color is flattering, bold, and will complement your height as it rises right below your belly button. Sometimes you can feel too lanky or tall when at the beach, but this bikini will be sure to cover up part of your torso and make your body feel proportional.

Flattering for Everybody

High-waisted bottoms are great for individuals that want to walk confidently at the beach but have a couple of problem areas that they're hoping to cover up. There is a sense of privacy that you get when you wear a high-waisted bottom, which allows you to show off what you want to, and covers up what you don't want to reveal.  

These style bottoms are incredibly comfortable and sport an effortless and classic style that has been passed down for decades since the early 1900s.  

High-waisted bottoms are also a typical European style and you'll see a lot of this look if you head on a Mediterranean vacation or cruise! 


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